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Annie's pov

"So how long have you played guitar?" I ask as I push the empty plate away from me.

James sips his drink before shrugging. "Probably seven?" A smirk then takes hold of his features. "You look like a singer," my eyes widen and my face burns hot at his assumption.

I shake my head quickly. "No no I-I don't sing." I stumble out.

"Aw why not, terrible talent show or beauty pageant?" James chuckles.

I flush at his assumption again. "Talent show, mom made me sing back up for Iris, I got so nervous I vomited all over the stage. " I say as I cover my face causing James to laugh.

"So which sister where you closest to." James ask causing my heart to sink as I chew on my bottom lip.

"I don't know. Our relationships were complicated. I'm the middle child so I had a connection to both, but growing up I was supposed to only pay attention to Iris." I shrug making James cringe.

"Iris wasn't always a spoiled brat." I shrug at the mention of my late sister. "When mom wasn't looking, she asked about Navi. She asked me what she was like. Iris never had a chance to get to know Navi. Iris was a people pleasure, she did everything to please my mom growing up. By the time we got to middle school, Iris wasn't even Iris anymore. She was a young version of mom." James gives me a sad look.

"Mom didn't like Navi, so Iris didn't like Navi, mom wanted to make Navi's life hell so Iris did it to please mom." I sigh as I look at James. I didn't want to talk about my family, but it was nice to get it off my chest.

"My family painted a perfect picture but we were so far from perfect, completely chaotic. My father was a workaholic, I only ever saw him in the mornings when he left for work." James grabs my hand.

"I'm sorry Annie. I wish you had a better father atleast." I bite my lip at his sentence. With out a second thought I tell him what I've never told anyone.

"I did have a better father." This causes James eyes to widen before I start speaking again to explain. "My mom was a whore. When I was five dad was gone on a work trip, Navi was at Rileys and Iris was somewhere I don't remember where, probably at a friends or somethings. It was just me and mom at home." I let a deep breath escape me before I continue.

"There was a knock on the door, I went to answer it. I opened the door and there was this man with red eyes exactly like mine, the same shade of hair as mine. I remember he smiled down at me. I remember he said you must be mine." James eyes are wide and his mouth is dropped at this point.

"He bent down to my level and told me his name. Ben Holland. I told him my name was Annie-Belle but everyone called me Annie." A sad smile finds my lips as I shrug. "I remember he picked me up and held me close as he asked where my mom was. At that point my mother called for me and came in the room and saw him." I roll my eyes remembering my mothers reaction.

"She freaked, wondering how he found her. He argued saying he wanted to be apart of my life. How dare she keep me from him. I don't remember everything, but he left, swearing he would get me back. Give me the life I deserved." I bite my lip again as the old emotions come back to me as I clear my throat.

"He never came back, when I turned fifteen I decided to look for him behind my mothers back. I got on the computer and looked him up, turns out shortly after he found me he got called to train warrior wolves, he was a very high respected general. There was a training accident and he was killed." I sigh as I tell him my darkest secret. Opening up to James is so easy, I feel I could tell him anything.

James brings my hand up to his lips as he gives my hand a gentle kiss. "I'm so sorry Annie, I'm so so sorry you've gone through so much. You and your sisters, your parents didn't deserve to be parents." I sigh at his words and shrug my shoulders.

"I'm sorry I kinda bummed our night." I state with a nervous laugh.

"No you didn't, I love learning things about you," James states looking into my eyes with a light smile. He then throws a wad of cash on the table as he grabs my hand and pulls me up, we walk away from the stage leaving the audience and singing girl on stage behind us.

We walk out and James helps me in his truck before walking back around and getting in the driver side.

He quickly drives off and I yawn. "Oh no don't tell me you're tired? Night's not over yet Annie." I giggle as I look out into the dark night.

"James it's late!" I exclaim "What else could you possibly have planned?" I ask causing James to shrug his broad shoulders.

"Just one more thing." James states with a chuckle. "Also what time do I need to get you tomorrow night for the ball?" My eyes widen at his question.


A deep chuckle escapes James at my confusion. "The ball your sister is having tomorrow night."

"Oh." I state suddenly remembering Daniel telling me about it. "Yeah, um I don't know. 8 I guess?" I shrug as I look at James unsure. I smile at the beautiful sound of laughter leaving his lips.

Can you fall in love with someone just by their laugh?

Soon we pull into a meadow. I laugh as I look at James. "Is this where you kill me?" I joke.

James looks at me as he wiggles his eyebrows "Maybe." I roll my eyes as he starts laughing while grabbing something from the back. I raise a brow at the blanket rolled up. He gets out of the truck and I follow behind.

I smile as he grabs my hand and leads us through the meadow before finding a spot and laying the blanket down. I follow his lead as he sits down and then lays on his back. I lay on my back beside him as we look up to the stars.

"I used to think the stars were the most brightest and beautiful thing I've ever seen." James starts before turning his gaze to me. I turn my head and look into his green eyes, getting lost in the jungle.

"Oh?" I question in a whisper.

James nods his head. "Then I saw your eyes. I realized I was wrong. Your eyes are the most brightest beautiful thing I've ever seen."

I bite my lip at his words causing him to look down at my lips. He glances back to my eyes once again. "So gorgoues they are deadly." He whispers as he leans towards me.

My eyes flutter as I lean close to him meeting him half way. Our lips touch.

With the kiss I feel my heart slip through my fingers and into his hands. 

I feel the warmth of the kiss all the way down to my toes as our lips move together in unison. The kiss is gentle and slow as our passion for each other tangles together. Taking in the moment as if at any time it could be snatched away from us.

Suddenly James pulls away. I open my eyes and see a storm brewing in the forest of his eyes.

"I'm sorry if I don't stop now, I won't be able to stop at all." I bite my lip at his husky voice and feel my body start to cry out for him.

"What if I don't want you to stop." I whisper so quietly I wonder if he even heard me. By the growl that leaves him I know he does.

James shakes his head. "Not yet, I'm not trying to get in your pants, I want to get ahold of your heart first."

With those words I know for a fact he has all the pieces of my heart already.



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The Making of Glitch: I started writing Glitch when I was about 16 I think? Though I didnt start posting it until I was 20. I finished it right after I turned 21.

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