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CHAPTER FORTY-EIGHT ; ALEXEIalso known as;( the bite ; part two )

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also known as;
( the bite ; part two )


STELLA HATED BLOOD. She should've been used to the sight of it by now; she'd seen it all her life. But still, blood, to her, meant the loss of life. Annie had been covered in it when they found her, and she died. She couldn't count all the times she'd seen Steve covered head to toe in thick red liquid, on the brink of death but somehow still pulling through. All the hits he'd taken; he should've gotten some form of brain damage by now. And herself; she'd been drenched in blood on more than one occasion, whether it was someone else's or her own. 

Now, it was both. 

"Stella, can you hear me?" Murray asked frantically as she fell against the back of one of the food stands, followed by Alexei. She groaned in response, clutching her shoulder as she tried to protest the agonising pain. "Stella, keep pressure on it. Keep an eye on Alexei, alright? I'll get help. I'll get you two help, alright?"

"Don't leave," Stella wheezed, but it was too late. Murray had disappeared, and it was just her left with the spectacled scientist. She used what strength she had and shuffled over, reaching out with her right arm to help him put pressure on his own wound. Alexei whimpered, tears running down his face, and she pushed herself onto her knees, Resting her chin on his head and pulling him close. "It's gonna be okay, Alexei. I promise."

Alexei choked out a cry, and Stella sniffled, trying to ignore the searing sensation in her shoulder. She lifted her hand to his face, caressing his skin despite the sweat and tears that were dripping. She inhaled sharply as she looked down, seeing the blood bubbling at his stomach. 

His breaths were becoming shorter and slower, while hers were starting to quicken. "Alexei, come on, man, you can't do this."

Alexei blinked a couple of times, before his hand fell from where he was putting pressure to the wound. Stella sobbed softly, taking said hand in her own. 

Inhaling sharply, as if his breath had been cut by a shard of glass, Alexei's bloodshot eyes flickered up to the teenager and he smiled, though there was far too much pain held in it for Stella to comprehend. He swallowed thickly and moved his mouth to try and form words, but nothing seemed to come out. Stella noticed this and shook her head. "It's okay. I'm sorry, Alexei."

Alexei's lips moved slightly, but again, no words. 

Stella hiccuped and forced herself to watch through her teary vision as he continued to deflate. She held his hand as tight as she could despite her own suffering, the lump in her throat so thick she could barely intake the air around her. Her lip trembling, she leaned down and kissed Alexei's forehead softly. "I love you, man."

Alexei wheezed, and Stella could hardly detect the mumble he had finally created. "спасибо, Стелла."

Thank you, Stella.

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