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CHAPTER FORTY-SIX ; THE KEYalso known as;( e pluribus unum ; part two )

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also known as;
( e pluribus unum ; part two )


"HE CALLS IT THE KEY," MURRAY STATED, LEANING ACROSS THE COFFEE TABLE WITH HIS HANDS CLASPED TOGETHER. "And this key emits great energy. It requires much strength, power. Those houses, like the ones you found, they're located near, uh, transformers. They're stealing from your town's power grid."

"Why build this key here?" Hopper inquired from where he sat on the floor with his back to the base of the armchair. "Why are they not doing this in their own backyard? What are they trying to do, blow us to smithereens?"

Once Murray translated, Alexei chuckled softly. Stella sat at the head of the table, shuffling a deck of cards with Mickey Mouse printed on the back. She was doing her best to listen and follow along, but her head was beginning to blur with the poisonous stench of nicotine drifting from the cigarettes everyone but her and Murray were smoking. 

"There were many of these, uh, keys, before in Russia, but they turned out wrong. They had to come where the...where the, uh," Murray trailed off.

"Where the what?" Hopper pressed on, looking at the former journalist expectantly. 

"I don't understand what he's saying."

"I thought you were fluent," Joyce piped up, to which Murray flashed her a glare. 

"Oh, I'm sorry," the bearded man grumbled sarcastically in response. "Are my free translation services not good enough for you? Because you can just go ahead and file your complaint right up my ass!"

Stella snorted. 

Alexei picked up the empty fry box and a straw, holding them up in front of everyone. Hopper rolled his eyes. "What is Smirnoff doing?"

"He's showing me," Murray responded briskly. Once Alexei began to demonstrate with the trash, Murray hummed in understanding. "Oh, I see. Uh, he says the straw, they're using it to penetrate a hold in...a box?"

Alexei spoke once more, in the sort of tone you'd use to talk to a four year old. 

"Oh, sorry," Murray cleared his throat. "The straw represents the key, which emits a great energy. They're using this energy to break through a barrier, to open...a doorway. A doorway between worlds."

Stella watched as Hopper turned his head, his ears turning a little pink. 

"But it seems this key was only half the equation," Murray continued. "Location was the other half."

Alexei picked up a greasy burger wrapper and gave it to Stella, who paused her lips and shuffled forward, taking it from him and held it up in front of her. There was one word in the next sentence that she found easy enough to translate. Hawkins.

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