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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN; STELLA NEARLY GETS HIT BY A CARalso known as;( madmax; part two )

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also known as;
( madmax; part two )


"YOU KNOW WHAT'S BULLSHIT?" STELLA SNAPPED AS STEVE'S CAR PULLED INTO AN EMPTY SPACE IN THE HIGH SCHOOL PARKING LOT. She sat in the backseat, hunched over a giant art board she had been slaving over for hours the previous night. There were dark bags under her eyes and she was wearing a dirty pair of overalls and a pink shirt underneath, as well as a pair of pink high top Converse. It was the first thing she found in her drawers, and she had made the intelligent decision to not wear her roller-skates the day she had a major project due.

"The fact that you have enough money to buy your own car now but you still insist on getting a ride with me and Nancy?" Steve piped up, causing his girlfriend to chuckle from the passenger seat. Stella rolled her eyes and scoffed, shuffling around while trying to reach for the door.

"Shut up. You adore my company, asshole," she shot back, before groaning irritably as she gave up trying to move. Steve went to open his mouth, but she cut him off with a grumble. "What is bullshit, is that this board is half my size, and I can barely get it out the damn door."

"You'd better not scratch my seats," Steve retorted, his eyes flickering into the rearview mirror, watching as his friend struggled with her project. "Those are more expensive than you."

"Fuck you," Stella huffed, clearly annoyed at the situation she was in. She had gotten about three hours of sleep, she hadn't eaten breakfast, and she was about to start crying if she couldn't get out of the car and hand over the assignment that had caused her so much grief. It was given to her a few weeks ago, and she had only remembered that it was due on Tuesday on Monday night, which was last night. She had also nearly forgotten her Walkman, which would have been a travesty in itself for anyone who came to speak to her later that day.

As she used her foot to open the door, Steve reached into his backpack and pulled out his essay for early College admissions, handing it to Nancy. They began muttering quietly to themselves about it, though Stella didn't really notice nor care. She was far too occupied in trying to wedge her project out of the door, while making sure it didn't get damaged.

"Have you applied for that Art scholarship you wanted, Star?" Nancy asked softly, glancing back to see the raven haired girl on her back, her tongue sticking out of her mouth in concentration as she attempted to protect her work, edging it along with both her hands and feet. It was quite a sight, one that brought an amused smile to the Wheeler girl's face. After last year's events, the two had grown relatively close, something of a friendship sparking between them.

"Not yet, I still need a letter of recommendation from Mr. Thompson, and I need to talk to my parents about it," she responded, her voice slightly strained, before she cheered as the project left the car completely. She sat up, holding the board vertically, so that it wouldn't touch the ground.

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