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CHAPTER FIVE ; CIVIL CONVERSATIONSalso known as;( holly, jolly ; part two )

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also known as;
( holly, jolly ; part two )


STELLA COLLINS DIDN'T THINK HER DAY COULD GET ANY WORSE. As if the universe weren't challenging her enough, she was once again caught up with none other than Steve Harrington. She was intending to skate past him and his friends if she hadn't seen whose car they were leaning up against. With her eyebrows furrowed, a string of curses left her lips as she turned and forced herself in their direction.

"Harrington, don't you think Jonathan has enough on his plate?" She inquired, crossing her arms as she rolled to a stop. A deep frown resided on her weary face, clearly not in the mood for any more shenanigans. A piece of strawberry gum sat between her teeth, something to theoretically fill her empty stomach until she got home. Her hands lifted to her ears, tugging her headphones away so that they hung around her neck.

"Stay out of it, Huey Lewis and the Bruise," he rolled his eyes at her protective nature, ignoring how his friends snickered in support of him. She crossed her arms in front of her chest as she glanced over at his friends, Tommy H., Carol and surprisingly the red-haired Nicole. Tommy and Carol stood side by side, seeming as if they were going to start making out in front of everyone (though that wasn't out of character for the couple).

"Your nicknames are getting progressively worse," she scoffed, which caused the popular boy to smirk. Stella hated that smirk, it made her insides boil and her ears turn pink in anger. She hated how he thought he was better than everyone else, how he instilled fear in the other students through taunting words and annoying facial expressions. His arrogance and pride irritated her to no end. He just made Stella so mad.

"Oh yeah? Looks like they're getting to you, though," he shot back, watching her closely to see how she reacted. It seemed to somewhat pay off, as the teenage girl squeezed her eyes shut, releasing a deep sigh. He wanted more from her though, he wanted to see her yell, watch her get angry and try her best to attack them. He thrived on the weakness of other people, as she was especially easy to torment.

"Look, Steve," she said calmly, trying her best to remain civil with the boy. He pursed his lips at the sound of his actual name, seeing that she was being serious. He wasn't expecting that at all, clearing his throat and shifting slightly awkwardly, glancing over at his grinning friends. "I don't care what your beef with Jonathan is, but can't it wait till we find his brother?"

"No, it can't," Steve muttered, his jaw tightening as he glanced back at her. His eyes seemed to look anywhere but her in that moment, as if he didn't want to face the more mature teenager before him. "Just...go home, okay Stella?"

"Don't you dare hurt him," the brunette raised her finger, staring him directly in the eye and inculcate some understanding within his being. "You're only gonna make things in this town worse."

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