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CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE ; A SLOW DANCEalso known as;( the gate ; part five )

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also known as;
( the gate ; part five )


"HEY! I KNEW IT'D FIT!" STELLA GRINNED AS SHE LEANED AGAINST THE DOORWAY LEADING TO MAX'S BEDROOM. The redhead nervously smiled as she turned around to face the older girl, tugging at different parts of her outfit. She was getting ready for the Snow Ball at the middle school, and was absolutely terrified. As Stella was the only person she really adored besides Lucas (though she wouldn't admit that to him just yet), she had asked her to come over to help her get ready. 

"Are you sure it looks okay?" The younger girl inquired, her eyes wide as she awaited the judgements of the person she saw as her mentor. Stella crossed her arms and chuckled softly stepping forward and shaking her head softly. 

"You look great, kid," the teen assured her easily, no hesitance in her voice whatsoever. Max didn't want to wear a dress, and Stella completely understood why. There was no need to feel pressured into dressing up like someone she wasn't, so a smart jumper and corduroy pants were a perfect alternative. "I never used to like wearing all that fancy stuff when I was your age, and besides, you can dance a whole lot better in pants."

Max grinned in response, tucking her ginger hair behind her ear. Her mother had braided the top for her so that it stayed out of her face but still hung past her shoulders. She looked a picture, and Stella was grateful to be a part of it. 

It had been a month since the eventful week they had spent together, and no one had fully recovered. Stella had to return home to two worried parents, concussed and beaten. Needless to say, they weren't too excited to see her cracked plaster cast and the blood dried around various parts of her body. 

There seemed to be a new element of peace within Hawkins, seeing as the laboratory had finally been shut down and locked up after a report had been released regarding the state of the place, conveniently leaving out the supernatural details. Even the death of Barbara Holland, Nancy's former best friend had been 'solved'. An empty casket was buried, but at least the young teen's parents had some closure. 

Not a lot had really happened since the shit hit the fan; everything seemed to calm down a little between Max and Mike now that Eleven was back in the picture, and regarding the relationships with the older was complicated. Nancy and Jonathan were now public and clearly a lot happier together (to the surprise of the entire high school student body), Leilani and Richie were just as sweet and gushy as they had been the week they started dating, and Kevin had even met someone at the arcade. 

"You ready to hit the road?" Stella asked Max, who nodded quickly and grabbed her jacket from where it hung on the doorknob. She ran through the house and towards the front door, yelling her goodbyes to her mother and step-father. Stella hung back a little to properly speak to them. "The dance finishes around nine, and then the kids were hoping to go the arcade for half and hour if that was alright?" 

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