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CHAPTER FIFTY-TWO ; BETTER LATE THAN NEVERalso known as;( the battle of starcourt; part four )

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also known as;
( the battle of starcourt; part four )


THE RETURN TO STARCOURT MALL PUT A LOT OF EXHAUSTION BACK ON STELLA'S SHOULDERS. She was sick of seeing the flashing neon signs, knowing what lay beneath it all. Modern consumerism combined with the threat of nuclear war was never something that would end well, she knew that much. 

"Take as much as you can carry," Lucas instructed, passing back fireworks he had previously collected that day. Stella carried a stick that read DYNAMO! in angry red letters, and at the quick exchange with Steve, neither knew whether to be impressed or concerned with the ideas of the children they took care of. "Come on!"

Stella hurried as fast as she could with Steve and Robin by her side to support her, Lola running ahead, her arms filled with explosives. Stella really needed to have a chat with her co-worker. 

The agonising, inhumane wails of the mindflayer only grew louder as they entered the establishment for what seemed like the hundredth time that night, and Stella clenched her jaw, as she didn't have a free hand to cover her ears with. It was only going to get louder. 

On the second floor of the mall, Stella and her peers overlooked the fleshy monster as it screeched over El's unconscious body. The older teen only caught a brief glimpse of Billy before he was blocked by one of the red-purple tentacles. "Oh my god."

"Pass me a stick," Steve waved his hand, waiting for Lucas' signal across the mall. Stella allowed Robin to light hers on fire and she handed it to her boyfriend, who began to breathe quickly to prepare himself. 

"Flay this, you ugly piece of shit!" Lucas screamed, tossing his first explosive towards the Mindflayer. Steve took this as a go, throwing the firework as well. 

It was a light show that definitely didn't disappoint. Stella watched in awe, the bright lights reflecting in her bloodshot eyes. She tried not to waste another second, taking another stick from Lola and hurling it as hard as she could, grinning as she watched it burst into bright orange sparks. 

The Mindflayer screamed in agony as its body was set aflame by the sudden bursts of gunpowder. 

It wasn't long before the stash of crackers ran out, leaving the group of teenagers vulnerable. Steve grabbed Stella and pulled her back into him just in case, though her eyes were still wandering, trying to make sure everyone was okay, including Billy. 

Her heart was throbbing in her throat. Stella's good hand found Steve's and she squeezed it until she couldn't feel anything anymore. The stakes were too high, and she wasn't sure how much longer there was. The outcome was going to be unpredictable - more-so than the last few days had been. Had all their work been for nothing? Had they come this far, only to lose?

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