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CHAPTER THIRTY ; THE INTERROGATION OF WILL BYERSalso known as;( the mind flayer; part three )

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also known as;
( the mind flayer; part three )


STELLA SOMETIMES WONDERED HOW DUSTIN HENDERSON'S MIND WORKED. He was one of the smartest kids she knew, that was a definite fact, but sometimes he said things she couldn't interpret, couldn't understand. 

Like Demodogs. 

Yes, it was a portmanteau of Demogorgon and Dog, but then again, couldn't they just refer to them as the name they were given the last time Hawkins went bat shit insane? Nonetheless, Stella didn't want to intervene, as he seemed pretty adamant in making everyone say the name, correcting them as they spoke. When Max chose to question it, he looked at her as if she had grown two heads, as if she were stupid for not being able to understand his new word. 

"There's an army now," Lucas muttered, slumping down in his chair and frowning deeply. They were speaking of the Demogorgo...Demodog club Dustin had accidentally created, and how to stop it. Stella stood next to Steve, remaining silent, as she had no idea how to help. Then again, who in the world had managed to stop a Demodog army and whatever was inside Will's head?

"Precisely," Dustin clicked his fingers in Lucas' direction, and Stella lifted her right hand, sipping from her water glass. Her eyes flickered between the party members, waiting for the next person to speak. They were somewhat familiar with this type of world, seeing as their experiences with Dungeons and Dragons happened to reflect the events they had faced. 

"His army," Mike mumbled under his breath. His words attracted the attention of everyone in the kitchen, all of them puzzled. 

"What do you mean?" Steve queried, also having kept silent, as he too had no clue how to stop the monsters. 

"His army," Mike repeated, now more confident in his words. Stella and Steve exchanged a confused look, but didn't interrupt the boy who was now building a plan in his head. "Maybe if we stop him, we can stop his army too."

The raven-haired boy spun around on his heel and rushed off in the direction of Will's room, causing the rest of the party to dart out of their chairs and follow him hastily. Stella nearly choked on her water as she finally caught on to what Mike meant, placing her glass down and rushing off in pursuit. 

By the time she entered the bedroom, her eyes fell on a drawing Mike was giving Dustin. "The shadow monster. It got Will that day on the field."

"Wait, this is what's inside him?" Stella asked, her eyes widening as she took in a gigantic, spider-like creature looming over what appeared to be houses and power-lines. 

Mike nodded, scratching the back of his head as he began to elaborate. "The doctor said it was like a virus, it infected him."

"And so this virus, it's connecting him to the tunnels?" Max asked, her ginger eyebrows knitting together as she tried to understand. 

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