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CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE ; THE RETURN OF THE BLOODY NOSEalso known as;( the gate; part one )

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also known as;
( the gate; part one )


ELEVEN LOOKED DIFFERENT. The last time Stella saw the young girl, she was crying underneath a makeshift tent in Mike Wheeler's basement after having found Will in the Upside Down, but not having anyone believe her. To believe that was already a year ago made Stella feel overcome with shock. But it was clear Eleven had gone through some shit since they had last talked, as she was decked out in a full black outfit with a pair of converse on her feet. Her newly grown hair was gelled back and she was even wearing some thick punk eyeliner. 

Stella thought she looked like someone from MTV.

All of these things seemed to rush through her mind as Eleven stepped into the Byers home, silence looming over the large group. Not one person knew what to say as she walked further into the living room, all of them speechless. It was only Mike who decided to move forward, finally being reunited with the incredible girl. 

Lowering her mallet, she watched with a soft smile on her face and the two kids embraced in the centre of the room, both of them thankful to be able to hold each other once more. They were young, sure, but everything they had experienced together was a lifetime of struggle, and they deserved to love one another. 

"Is that?" Max asked softly from behind the older teenager, peering over Stella's shoulder. 

"Yeah," Stella whispered, her eyes soaking in the sight of the young girl who was holding Mike. "He was right."

"I never gave up on you," Mike's voice was wavering, though there was a sparkle in his eyes that somehow brightened up his entire face. He sniffled slightly as he pulled away from El, though he held her shoulders tightly as a way to keep her close to him. "I called you every night. Every night for--"

"Three hundred and fifty three days," Eleven gasped out, her own tears dripping down her cheeks. Amidst all the chaos, Stella found herself most in shock of the fact that she was speaking more than one word at a time. This brought a wide smile to her own face as she looked across at them. "I heard."

"Why didn't you tell me you were there?" Mike asked, his voice dropping a little in surprise. "That you were okay?"

"Because I didn't let her," Hopper took a step forward, exhaling softly. Stella's eyes trailed up to his looming figure with widened eyes. He approached El, lowering his gun to his side. "The hell is this? Where have you been?"

"Where have you been?" El retorted sharply, though she pulled Hopper into a tight embrace, to which his pressed a soft kiss to the top of her gelled head. Stella made a soft 'hmph' sound, as it wasn't really what she was expecting. 

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