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CHAPTER ONE ; PRETENTIOUS ART STUDENTS ARE THE WORSTalso known as;( the disappearance of will byers )

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also known as;
( the disappearance of will byers )


HAWKINS HIGH WAS NOT STELLA COLLINS' FAVOURITE PLACE. This was a well known fact, as she was seen complaining at least twelve times a day to anyone who wanted to listen. She couldn't really help it, it wasn't her fault that the building constantly smelled like socks combined with rotting cafeteria food and spilled soda. The floors always happened to be sticky and there was a thick, lingering cloak of cheap cologne constantly hanging over everyone's head.

But the people, she felt, were what really sealed the deal for her. She had never been part of such a group who ridiculed and loathed with fake smiles and bad fashion to hide behind until she started high school. She, herself, believed in honesty. She had openly said on plenty of occasions that she would rather people gave her shit to her face instead of laughing when she couldn't see or hear them.

"Collins, off the roller-skates!" Stella barely heard the scolding voice of Mrs Murphy, the school principal as she raced through the corridors, her headphones pressed against her ears with rock music blaring far too loud. Students parted quickly when they saw her coming, many glaring at the tall brunette and her arms that were full of food, paints and a big art book. It was always a strange sight, but many of the students had grown used to the eccentric but strangely introverted girl. "Estella!"

With her thick eyebrows furrowed in concentration, Stella turned the corner and burst through the doors of the art room, startling her two best friends inside. As if on cue, the shrill bell rang over the top of her panting. She dropped her belongings on an empty table before ripping her headphones off her ears and hitting the 'stop' button on her walkman, freezing the drum solo. "Morning!"

"You scared me," the soft voice of Leilani Kahue sighed, though her lips were slightly upturned. Stella grinned back at her, picking up a packet of fruit gushers and tossing them carelessly in her direction. The tanned girl reached out to catch them, fumbling a little before grasping the plastic tightly. "Thanks, Stell."

"Why can't you just walk like a normal person?" Kevin Gold asked as Stella threw him a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. He ripped them open easily and dug in, feeding his appetite eagerly. With his mouth full of food, he pointed down at her pastel pink and white skates. "Those are a safety hazard."

"I'm saving up for a car, Kev," Stella shot back, grabbing her book, paints and Capri Sun. She leaned forward on the brakes of her shoes and tiptoed to her usual seat at their shared table, dropping everything on the surface. "Besides, everyone here moves too slow."

"You shouldn't be in a rush when you have a free period," Kevin retorted quickly, a pencil in one hand and the other digging into the blue bag of chips. His eyes were concentrated on his work, though his mind appeared to be somewhere else. He was usually like that, though whenever he was asked about it he would insist everything was okay. "It's not healthy."

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