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CHAPTER ELEVEN ; BRIEF RECONCILIATIONalso known as;( the bathtub )

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also known as;
( the bathtub )


"IS THIS A PRANK OF SOME SORT?" STELLA'S EYEBROWS WERE FURROWED AND HER ARMS WERE CROSSED AS SHE STARED DOWN THE FOUR PEOPLE BEFORE HER. She stood at the back of Chief Hopper's office, listening to the group all babbling about some kind of supernatural monster. It wasn't at all what she was expecting when she followed them into the private space, and she quickly wanted out. As they all shared a bunch of ridiculous crap between them, she grew exasperated. Between all the shit that Mike and the boys were saying and now this? Needless to say, she still wasn't having any of it. "There's no such thing as monsters, unless you count Tommy H."

"Stella, how can you not believe us?" Joyce exclaimed, pointing to the picture Jonathan had seemingly taken the night Barbara Holland had gone missing. Her eyes were wide and crazed, and Stella felt bad for her, thinking it must have been some kind of coping mechanism for her after the loss of Will.

Everyone grieves in their own ways, Stella thought.

Scoffing, the girl glanced over at the awkward Byers boy across the room. "It's probably a camera glitch, right Jonathan?"

Jonathan shook his head, which only made Stella more desperate. Had everyone in Hawkins gone insane? First it was the boys and the fact they were convinced Eleven had superpowers, now two of her schoolmates and the police chief thought there was some kind of unworldly beast roaming around? She needed a nap.

"You say this thing draws blood?" Hopper piped up, glancing at the two teenagers that sat on the couch. Jonathan shrugged, his posture tense and more on edge than he usually was.

"We don't know," he responded, before pursing his lips and sighing softly.

"It's just a theory," Nancy backed him up, and Stella ran a hand through her dishevelled hair. So many things had happened in the last twenty-four hours, and she was slowly reaching the end of her tether. One more stupid paranormal claim and she knew she'd probably slam her head in a door. She'd had enough and she didn't need anymore bullshit for at least another two weeks.

"Then I would've seen it," she muttered, causing everyone to look over at her. The girl shrugged, lifting her hand and pointing to the dried up cut that ran halfway down her thumb. "At the cemetery, I was all by myself and I didn't get caught by whatever you think this is."

"Did you hear anything?" Hopper asked her, his voice monotone as it usually was. Stella shrugged, trying to think about the other day.

"I heard a branch snap," she recalled, chewing the inside of her cheek as she remembered what had happened. How she sat by Annie's gravestone and heard something in the bushes that attached to the woods. "Then a growl. But there's no way it was this...thing. It was probably a dog or something. I ran off, it's no big deal."

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