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CHAPTER TEN ; WEIRDOS AND SLUTSalso known as;( the monster )

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also known as;
( the monster )


"THIS MILKSHAKE TASTES LIKE SADNESS," STELLA GRUMBLED, PUSHING HER SUGARY TREAT AWAY FROM HER. Kevin watched across from her as she slumped further into the purple leather interior of their regular booth at the Indigo Diner. A bowl of fries sat in the centre of the table, half-finished and smothered in ketchup. Stella's glass still had a good amount left inside, so she allowed her friend to drink the rest of it. 

"Tastes like milk, ice cream and syrup to me," Kevin retorted, before practically inhaling the drink. An amused smile played at Stella's lips for a minute, before her eyes trailed outside. The diner was right in the middle of town, conveniently placed close to Melvald's General Store where Stella worked, RadioShack, the Hawk cinema and the arcade was just around the corner. Sometimes Stella would treat the boys to a drink when they finished up a long session on Dragon's Lair or Dig Dug. Kevin would often join them, as he sometimes worked there part time.

"Got a burger here for you, Stella," Leilani smiled, before dropping onto the seat beside her, breathless. Stella's head turned to see her friend, who also had bags under her eyes and a yawn surfacing. Her indigo and white waitress uniform was covered in ketchup stains and coffee spills, but she still managed to pull it off. "You two are lucky you don't have to work today. Barely anyone's coming in, it's a drag."

"The town's too depressed," Stella shrugged, picking up her burger and biting into it, still feeling a little dissociated. The burger still tasted good, they were the second best in town to Benny's Burgers, but he had shockingly committed suicide at the beginning of the week. She hadn't really had time to mourn the man, as she didn't know him that well and her mind was already plagued with the death of Will. "First Benny, then Will. Nancy Wheeler's friend Barb's missing too, I've seen her poster up around town."

"Speaking of Nancy Wheeler, what's her rush?" Kevin asked, and Stella raised an eyebrow as she turned to look at him, only to see him peering out the window. She followed his gaze, as did Leilani, only to see her running across the road in the direction of the Hawk, Jonathan Byers in pursuit. Kevin scoffed. "Why's she with him? I thought he took all those pictures of her."

Stella didn't answer, she only watched as Nancy stopped abruptly, staring up at the cinema. The teenager inside the diner's eyes travelled up, before her jaw slacked in shock. The words STARRING NANCY THE SLUT WHEELER were spray painted underneath All The Right Moves, the Tom Cruise movie currently screening. Rage immediately rushed through her body, already having her guesses as to who the cruel bullies were. "Oh my god."

"What?" Kevin asked, his eyes wide as he observed Stella shooting out of her chair and scooting past Leilani. Stella didn't look back, not paying attention to how her friends shared a look and bolted after her, standing in the doorway of the diner. "Stella?!"

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