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CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT ; BIG SISTER DUTIESalso known as;( the mall rats )

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also known as;
( the mall rats )


STELLA WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT OF SLEEPING IN WHEN SHE HEARD A LOUD KNOCKING AT HER DOOR. She groaned, lying still for a few minutes, hoping the sound was either in her head or would go away. She didn't get home until eleven the previous night, having taken Charlie for a late night stroll around the neighbourhood, taking longer than expected because she wanted a better look at the moon.


The teenager heard someone call her name, and after a moment she recognised it to be Max. Stella looked over to the clock on her bedside table, reading 10:15AM. It was her day off, and all she wanted was to laze around the house and not have to worry about anything. But, alas, her friends were in need of something, so she'd be there to help.

After sliding out of bed and practically crawling towards the front door, Stella opened it to see Max and surprisingly El waiting patiently. Charlie was at her side, curiously poking his head through and whining softly at the sight of the two young teens. Stella quirked an eyebrow and leaned against the door, her hair sticking in several different directions and her dinosaur pyjamas crumpled from her sleeping position. "What's up?"

"Boy drama," Max shoved past her, pulling El by the hand into Stella's home. Stella paused for moment, before shrugging carelessly and shutting the door behind her. She trudged in her room, where Max was digging through her things to find something in particular. Stella collapsed on her bed and allowed El to crawl into her arms. "Where do you keep those love letters Steve wrote to you over Christmas break?"

"Love letters?" El looked up at the dark haired girl with furrowed brows, and Stella smiled in response.

"It was sweet; he went up to New York for the holidays and sent me a whole bunch of stuff in the mail," she responded, before looking back up at Max, who made a loud 'aha!' when she found the pile of envelopes tucked in a pretty blue box on Stella's bookcase.

Max sat on the bed with the other two girls and handed over the envelope with a badly drawn picture of Lady Liberty. Stella felt her heart flutter at the sight of it, leaning forward slightly to get a better look. It was the redhead's favourite, she'd poured over them whenever she felt like she needed a pick-me-up, and neither Steve nor Stella were embarrassed to show them. Stella had sent her fair share as well, though funnily enough hers weren't as well written.

"My darling Stella," Max began, moving to lie on her stomach so that she was comfortable. "I don't usually say that often, but it feels cute, and I reckon it'll bring that nice smile of yours onto your face. I went for a walk today and saw some gardening equipment that reminded me of you. Kidding. I actually found that Pink Floyd album you wanted, and there's something else that I've bought as a surprise, so you're welcome in advance. I would say that I don't miss you, but it sucks you're not here with me. It's loud, but not the kind of loud that I like. People are calling me an asshole for walking into them, but it's not the same. Call me stupid, but I wish you could hold my hand and watch the snow falling from the top of the Empire State Building. God, Stells, you'd love it. I hate the cold, but you're weird and you'd probably run around the ice covered ground in flip-flops and a swimsuit. Dad's been in the hotel most of the week, busy with phone calls and shit like that, so Mom and I have been getting around. We found this great Chinese diner just down the street, one that sells the best cherry pie. Dude, you should've said yes when we offered you a ticket. Screw you for being humble. I love you. See you for New Years."

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