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CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE ; DUSTIN'S PETalso known as;( the spy; part one )

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also known as;
( the spy; part one )


"ARE WE SERIOUSLY GOING THROUGH THIS AGAIN?" STELLA MUTTERED, CLEARLY EXHAUSTED. She sat in the passenger seat of Steve Harrington's car with (of all people) Dustin Henderson in the backseat. He had just spent a good hour talking about what had been happening this week in the Indigo Diner parking lot and on the journey to Steve's house to get what they needed, and shortly after they had left, night had fallen. 

Hammer to Fall blasted through the radio as the two teenagers tried to process the entire, insane story the boy behind them had shared. It was mostly silent, as no one really knew what to say. Stella was already feeling her world spinning again, dreading seeing anything supernatural, as she had had more than enough experience with it to last a lifetime. 

Steve, who had been quietly mumbling under his breath, finally burst and glanced up in the rearview mirror. "Wait a sec, kid. How big?"

"First it was like that," Dustin leaned forward again and held up his index fingers, leaving a space the size of a one dollar bill between them. Then, he used his whole hands and widened the gap, causing Stella's stomach to churn a little at the difference in size. "Now he's like this."

Steve's eyes flickered over to Stella for a second, noticing how tense and anxious she was, before sighing softly. "I swear to God, man, it's just some little lizard, okay?"

"It's not a lizard," Dustin groaned, his head rolling back. 

"How do you know?" Steve insisted, and Stella turned around, curiously staring at Dustin. "How do you know if it's not just a lizard?"

"How do I know if it's not?" Dustin repeated, his voice growing in volume, staring at the teenagers with an incredulous expression. "Because his face opened up and he ate my cat."

Steve fell silent and Stella lifted her good hand to her mouth, her eyes wide in shock. She was speechless -- how on earth was she supposed to know what to say to the kid? Sorry a demon you chose to raise like a dog ate your actual pet? 

Steve didn't make an effort to talk after that, and pulled into Dustin's long driveway, switching the car off and running his hands through his hair. He glanced back at Stella, who shifted uncomfortably. He reached over and patted her knee, smiling awkwardly. "You wanna stay in here?"

"I don't want you guys to get hurt," she decided, shaking her head. She glanced back at Dustin, gesturing to the paper bag on the floor. "Dustin, pass me the yellow croquet mallet, would you?"

"Sure," the young boy shrugged, reaching down and picking it up, passing it to the girl, who exhaled softly, before kicking open the door and getting out. "Are you sure you wanna do this, Star?" 

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