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CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX ; THE POOLalso known as;( suzie, do you copy? ; part one )

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also known as;
( suzie, do you copy? ; part one )


"I HATE SUMMER," RICHIE GRUMBLED, CURLED UP UNDERNEATH THE LARGE YELLOW UMBRELLA. In his arms was a huge water bottle half filled, seeing as he'd already drank most of it. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of purple sunglasses, yet he wore long sleeves and trousers. "Why couldn't we just go to the movies?"

"We've gone to the movies eight times this summer," Kevin called over his shoulder from where he and Leilani were relaxing in the cool water. The air was filled with laughter and bright radio pop, creating a brilliant atmosphere that made it truly feel like vacation time. "Just let us have this one pool day."

Richie groaned dramatically, tipping his head back and squeezing his eyes shut. He despised the heat, it made him feel gross and tired. He seemed to despise it more when Stella wasn't around to complain with him. She didn't mind the heat, but she was happy to argue with anyone about almost anything. "She said she'd be here by now."

"It's not her fault she got herself banned from this place," Leilani responded with a slight shrug, trying to console her stroppy boyfriend with a kind smile. Richie hung his head and groaned dramatically. "We're lucky we didn't get a life sentence too."

"A life sentence is pretty harsh, Lani," Kevin nudged her lightly, quirking a brow. "I'm sure she'll be able to come back soon."

"Tell that to her parents; they were pissed when they got the call about her broken nose," Leilani replied, bouncing up and down in the cold water.

"Well, she shouldn't have been skating by the pool," Richie huffed, wishing he was at the arcade with his eccentric friend. He missed her loud voice and bright personality. "I wish she was here."

"Sup, shitheads!"

Richie sighed and shut his eyes. "Sometimes I can still hear her voice."

"They let me in, can you believe it?" Stella Collins cheered, her voice stupidly loud due to her headphones blasting Queen's greatest hits. "Good thing Billy's working today, he's a good bitch."

Leilani and Kevin pushed themselves out of the pool to greet their friend, looks of disbelief and surprise on their faces. Richie was still slightly out of it, holding the water bottle like it was a teddy bear. "Stella!"

Stella grinned, handing out ice pops like she was a game show host. Her dark hair was now cropped above her shoulders and she had tied it back into short French braids so that the light wisps didn't fly into her eyes. Her neon green sunglasses shielded her eyes, which were still bruised following the nose incident. After embracing Kevin and Leilani, she peeped over their shoulders to see Richie looking the other way. "What's up with John Taylor over here? Richie!"

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