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CHAPTER FOURTEEN ; REUNITEDalso known as;( the upside down ; part three )

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also known as;
( the upside down ; part three )


"DO YOU WANT TO BORROW MY WALKMAN?" STEVE ASKED STELLA SOFTLY AS THEY PULLED UP TO THE HOSPITAL. The drive over had been absolutely silent, both teens choosing to mull over the previous events then having a conversation. Neither were to blame, as they had faced possibly one of the most stressful situations of their entire lives. And now, as they pulled up beside Chief Hopper's truck outside the medical centre, they didn't know what to say or think.

"That'd be great," Stella whispered, opening her eyes to see her friend reaching into the backseat in search for the music player. Her head was pounding and her heart was only just beginning to slow, the aftermath of the incident that occurred only a half hour ago still settling in. Her trembling hands were hidden at her sides, and despite the long car journey, she was still struggling to catch her breath.

Steve watched her for a few seconds, fiddling with the Walkman in his hands. She didn't seem to notice him observing, as she was busy staring straight forward with a blank expression on her face, as if she were completely tranquil. To a stranger, this wouldn't have been much out of the ordinary, but to those who happened to know the eccentric girl, a blank stare meant she was breaking on the inside.

"Hey," Steve muttered almost inaudibly, though it was enough for Stella's head to slowly turn to look at him. He tried to smile but against the tough cuts and bruises littering the side of his face, the pair were only reminded of how ridiculous their day had been. Neither could have predicted in the morning that they would be sitting in the same car trying to rekindle a lost friendship after fighting a supernatural monster with the high school's self-proclaimed outcast and smart popular girl. But, nonetheless, they were trying. "I, uh, never thanked you for saving my life."

Stella broke their eye contact to focus on her dirty jeans. "I never thanked you for saving mine."

"I guess we're both heroes today," Steve chuckled dryly, before reaching over Stella and into his glove compartment, pulling out the mixtape she hadn't bothered to look at earlier in the afternoon. The light from both inside the car and the flickering of the lamppost outside was enough for Steve to scan over the contents of the tape, before slipping it into the Walkman. The boy handed it over to the girl, who hesitated before reaching out. Her shaking hands wrapped around the plastic and metal, and she carefully ran her fingers over the brand new headphones. "I made that mix for Nancy, but I never got around giving it to her. Now that I think of it, she probably wouldn't like a whole lotta stuff on there."

"There's a lot of Billy Joel on here," Stella noted, looking over the empty case, though a hint of a smile played at her lips. "How could you not like him?"

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