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CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE ; YOU'RE MIKE WHEELERalso known as;( the mind flayer; part two )

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also known as;
( the mind flayer; part two )


THE BYERS HOUSEHOLD WAS A PLACE DRAINED OF HOPE. There was no sign of happiness or optimism within the decaying walls, only tired faces and slumped shoulders. Stella sat up on the kitchen counter, cradling her arm and trying to find a way to distract herself. Steve was pacing up and down the tiles, and the party were gathered around the dining table, staring into space. 

Her eyes resting on Mike, Stella's heart dropped a little at his pained expression. He had just yelled at Chief Hopper for not being able to get a hold of the authorities, though that wasn't the older man's fault. She didn't blame the boy -- he was clearly still overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation and needed an outlet to unleash his anger. So, she pushed herself off of the counter and stepped over to him, placing her good hand on his shoulder. Mike's eyes flickered up carelessly, his arms crossed tightly over her chest. "Can I talk to you outside?"

Hesitating, Mike was tempted to shake his head, but chose not to. He forced himself up from his seat, strolling past her to the back door, which he pulled open and held for her. Once the cold night air hit them, the irritable boy whipped around with a mixture of emotions in his dark eyes. "What?"

"How're you holding up?" Stella asked, her voice cautious and mindful. She knew he was hurting, but it felt like forever since she had last spoken to him. How was she supposed to comfort a boy that had gone through hell?

"I'm fine," he responded sharply, rolling his eyes. It was as if he had been asked that question a million times. "It's just Hopper. He's not trying hard enough...that thing is in control of Will."

"What thing?" Stella inquired, leaning up against the stair banister leading up to the home. She hadn't really been caught up with what had happened on Will's end, not sure what the entire situation was. 

Mike groaned, running his hands through his hair exasperatedly. "I can't explain it, okay?"

"Mike," Stella began, noticing how quickly he was getting worked up. His shoulders were tense and his face was screwed up, his cheeks flushing a soft pink colour.

"Don't," he snapped, cutting off her sentence before she could finish. He then glared at her with the coldest expression she had ever received in her life. It made her heart break, seeing him like this. It was a feeling of pure hatred, one that hit her right in the gut. "Stop talking to me like I'm a-a baby! I'm not just some kid anymore. I hate that you still think I'm something fragile that's gonna break if you push me too hard!"

"I hate to tell you, Mike, but it's pretty clear you haven't been happy lately," Stella said quietly, trying not to let his words cut deep. She put on the bravest face she could, trying to see things from his point of view. Part of her felt that she knew what was wrong, and though she knew it was a touchy subject, she brought it up anyway. "This because of Eleven, isn't it?"

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