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CHAPTER TWELVE ; ALL THROUGH THE NIGHTalso known as;( the upside down ; part one )

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also known as;
( the upside down ; part one )


"YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE SHIT," STELLA MUTTERED, HER NARROWED EYES LOCKED ON THE SIDE OF STEVE'S FACE. She wasn't wrong in any sense, as he really did look like a mess. Dried cuts and growing bruises littered the left side of his face, not doing his 'good looks' many favours. She was currently sitting in the backseat of the boy's car due to his fear of people seeing them together, her feet kicked up on the space between the two front seats. Her worn New Balance sneakers bounced up and down as the car trailed down the gravel roads of Hawkins.

"Shut up," Steve groaned, purposely turning the corner violently so she slid around on the expensive seats. Stella huffed and composed herself, before reaching to her side and pulling down the seatbelt. She fastened it over her waist, yelping as Steve rushed over a speed bump.

"They put those there so you slow down, dipshit!" she exclaimed, ignoring his previous request. The boy was now refusing to answer her, like the immature child he happened to be. Crossing her arms, Stella scoffed, looking out the window.

She didn't realise how late it actually was in the day, as the sun was beginning to set as they left the main street. The week had felt both excruciatingly long all while it flew by, like a distant memory. Her mental stability had quickly depleted over the short amount of time, and the scariest part of it all would be how long it was going to take for her to build herself back up again. After Annie it took months, and even years later she still felt as if the ground would swallow her whole at the very thought of the young girl.

The car became awfully quiet after the pair stopped annoying each other, and Steve noticed it almost instantly. His eyes flickered up to the rearview mirror to see her silently brooding, which made his face fall a little. He didn't know what she was thinking about, what could possibly be going through her mind. He was aware it had been a stressful week for her, just as it had been for Nancy and Jonathan. He hated the fact that he had noticed her empty seat in English class, the absence of her pastel pink roller skates and the obnoxious laughing in the halls during free period. He wished he didn't care about that anymore, but he still did.

Lifting his foot off the acceleration slightly so that the car moved at a safer speed, the teenage boy looked back at the road and sighed softly. Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics travelled through the small space as awkward background noise, and Steve didn't know whether or not to turn it up. His head was spinning at the thought of what to say next, the absence of speaking making him squirm. After another moment of listening to the repetitive pop music, his jaw tightened and he pulled over to the side of the road, turning the engine off. Stella blinked a couple times, snapping out of whatever kind of trance she happened to be in, glancing over at Steve. "You're not gonna murder me, are you?"

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