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CHAPTER FORTY-SEVEN ; BACK TO HAWKINSalso known as;( the bite ; part one )

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also known as;
( the bite ; part one )


STELLA HAD BEEN SQUISHED BETWEEN ALEXEI AND MURRAY FOR THE PAST THREE HOURS AND SHE WAS FAR FROM OKAY. She had been the only one in the backseat to have taken a shower in the past twenty-four hours. It was lucky Hopper couldn't figure out how to put the top of the Cadillac up, as that would have meant she'd be stuck in a cloud of B.O. 

Alexei was muttering again, pointing at one of the many ripped pieces of notepad. Stella was trying her best to understand, but after the first hour she had curled into his shoulder and tried her best to get a little bit of sleep before the inevitable 'final battle'; there usually was something of the sort. 

"What's he saying?" Hopper yelled out after loudly honking the car horn, causing the teenager to shoot up in shock. She groaned a little and rested her head back on the seat behind her, remembering where she was. In a car, back to Hawkins, to find her boyfriend who was very likely in danger. 

"He's showing me the location of the key to turn off the machine," Murray explained, only to be cut off by Alexei. "Sorry. Keys. Two keys."

"Two man rule," Hopper noted, causing Joyce to look at him.

 "Two man rule?" She repeated with a perplexed tone of voice.

"Yeah, two men, two keys, like a nuclear launch," Hopper explained. 

"But, uh, to retrieve the keys there's a vault," Murray continued with Alexei nattering in his ear. "And to open the vault, you need to enter Planck's constant."

"Planck's what?" 

"Planck's constant," Murray said once more, glancing to the side to see Stella staring intensely at the map of the vault. "It's a very famous number."

"All right, so we get the keys," Stella relayed back, sitting up a little straighter. "And then we turn the machine off. It's that easy?"

"That's what he says," Murray nodded in response. 

"All right, that shouldn't be too hard. We can do this," Joyce piped up, her voice wavering but with the strange confidence she'd always carried. 

"Did neither of you hear the part where he said the place was impenetrable fortress?" Hopper interjected with his dark eyebrows deeply furrowed. 

"There's gotta be a way in," Stella shrugged, trying to remain hopeful. The one thing on her mind was Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. "I doubt there's one door for every single scientist working in that place."

"There is a way in. Our military," Hopper responded, and Stella resisted the urge to roll her eyes. For the last three years Hopper had hoped that he would receive some sort of backup from the special forces, only for them to turn up too late and then proceed to take all the credit. Stella wasn't the biggest fan of American law enforcement and military; there always seemed to be a catch. 

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