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CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE ; OUCH!also known as;( will the wise; part one )

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also known as;
( will the wise; part one )


"IT'S DEFINITELY BROKEN," PATTY COLLINS NOTED, HER FINGERS DELICATELY TRACING OVER STELLA'S PURPLING WRIST. Stella winced at the feeling, her other hand gripping the bottom of the bed she was sitting on. She had just sat through half an hour of X-rays and was confined to the waiting room before she was called into see her mother. This, surprisingly, didn't go as horribly as she thought it would. Granted, she was still in trouble for breaking her wrist, but at least there was something else on both their minds instead of her future. "How on Earth did you manage to do this to yourself, Estella?

"It wasn't me!" Stella grimaced as Patty carefully placed her arm back in the sling. Her squinted eyes opened a little more, following her mother as the middle aged woman walked towards the bandage supplies. She wasn't too pleased when Stella walked through her doors with an injury, especially since she was in tears, muttering about how she was completely fine and didn't need any help. But, despite the earful Patty wanted to give her daughter, the pale, pained expression on her face was enough to assure her that everything would be alright. "The new kid tripped me!"

"Wait, what?" Steve finally piped up from where he was standing beside Richie, his arms crossed. The two boys had been silent up until now, as both their expressions went from worried, to surprised, to angry within a matter of seconds. Richie shot up from his chair with an incredulous look on his face, while Steve's cheeks turned a funny shade of red. He clearly didn't know what to do with himself, he instantly began fuming. His hatred for Billy Hargrove was well established from when they first met, but now it had skyrocketed. "You mean that asshole did this to you?!"

Stella had never seen him angrier, and frankly, it began to stress her out. Her eyes went wide as he began feeling around his pockets for his car keys, while Richie was spluttering beside him, trying to form a sentence, as he too was outraged with Billy's actions. "Guys, calm down. He probably didn't mean to -- and Steve, I know what you're thinking, and you're gonna get in trouble!"

"Wait, who's this new kid?" Patty asked, her arms filled with bandages and plaster for her cast. Her expression was confused and borderline furious, seeing as she was understandably protective over her daughter. She could see that Stella was growing nervous and more panicky as the two boys became adamant on tracking whoever had hurt the teenager down, but she, herself, wanted to meet him to give him a piece of her mind. "Estella?"

"It doesn't matter, Mom," Stella insisted, before moving to try and get up to stop Steve from leaving. What was making her most anxious was the fact that she could barely bring herself to stand up, as she was so tired and she knew she would only be pushed back down again. "Steve, stop."

"You can't expect me to sit around, watching you in pain when he's just parading around like a fucking king!" Steve argued back, and Stella rolled her eyes, becoming even more exasperated than she already was. Patty clearly noticed this, as she turned to Steve with raised eyebrows, finally giving up. Besides, she could always bring the antagonist up later on.

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