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CHAPTER FORTY-NINE ; FOR STELLAalso known as;( the battle of starcourt; part one )

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also known as;
( the battle of starcourt; part one )


"CAN YOU WALK?" Hopper asked, watching as Stella opened the car door. She shrugged and then proceeded to wince, as if she had momentarily forgotten about the fact that she'd been shot in the shoulder. She was using a necktie they'd found in the trunk of the car as a sling, so that she didn't irritate her injury as much. Hopper sighed softly and wrapped an arm around her waist, his other hand gripping his gun. "Okay, let's go. Keep an eye out for guards blocking the entrance."

"There's no one there," Murray called over his shoulder, running up to the front of the mall. He peered through the windows and then looked back, shaking his head. "Jim, no one's guarding anything in the mall."

"Are you serious?" Joyce asked as she, Hopper and Stella joined the balding man. He was right; no guards were in sight, there was no one guarding any entrance like they'd let on over the radio. "What does that mean-"

The mother was cut off by a piercing scream from inside the mall. Stella's ears perked, instantly recognising it. She'd heard that scream plenty of times over the past couple of years, and she knew exactly who it was. It appeared Hopper did too, as he didn't hesitate in kicking open the door and storming into the mall with his gun held high. Murray took over in helping Stella, though now that she had stopped bleeding she was a little more conscious.

The screeching only increased in volume as they moved throughout the mall, stepping over bodies of men in uniforms with blood seeping out of various places. Hopper picked up one of the machine guns and slung it across his body, also tossing one to Joyce (who didn't really know how to use it, but appreciated the gesture anyway).

"The food court," Stella muttered as the wailing continued to grow louder, so much so that the neon lights in the mall were blinking angrily. She pushed away from Murray and forced herself into the fastest walk she could manage, knowing that Eleven and undoubtedly the rest of her friends were in danger.

"Stella," Hopper warned as she passed him, a look of complete concentration on her face. Her forest green band shirt was soaked in red where she'd been shot, but it seemed when her self-proclaimed family was involved, there was nothing more important.

Stella heard them before she saw them. She rushed forward, only to be pulled back by Hopper, who had seen the disgusting fleshy creature crawling across the linoleum floor before anyone else. The teenager gasped as he stepped on it, blood splashing everywhere. She felt bile rise in her throat once more, but she had nothing left in her system to actually do anything. "Ew."


Stella looked up once more at the familiar voice, and she searched the group of people to see him. Steve. He was in his ugly Scoops Ahoy uniform, only covered in dried blood. She could have died right then and there. "Oh my God."

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