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CHAPTER SIXTEEN; HIGH SCORES AND LATE NIGHTSalso known as;( madmax; part one )

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also known as;
( madmax; part one )


ESTELLA COLLINS WAS IN A STATE OF PURE BLISS. Bright neon lights shone down on her as she twirled around on the light hardwood floors. The grey wheels of her skates rolled seamlessly against the ground as she danced to the beat of You Might Think by The Cars. It was eight in the evening, an hour after the attraction had closed, meaning that she had the rink to herself. Her hips swung to the beat and her arms flailed in the air as she managed to execute some form of dancing. She wasn't graceful, she was anything but that. But, nonetheless, she looked a picture.

"Stella, five more minutes!" The voice of Mitch Berry snapped the teenage girl out of her distracted daydreaming, and she skidded to a halt in surprise. She whipped her head around to see her boss watching her from the edge of the rink, a soft smile on his face. She scoffed and ran a sweaty hand through her raven locks, pushing herself over to him. Mitch was a fifty-eight year old widower, who had bought the roller rink when he was in his thirties. He was one of the nicest people she knew, and when he offered her a job after noticing how often she was coming to the rink, she didn't hesitate in accepting. She was one of six other teens that worked there, and she showed up even on her days off just for fun. While she still worked some shifts at Melvald's General Store, she was thinking about quitting for good and moving on.

"I lost track of time," she responded sheepishly as she pushed herself up onto the barrier, grabbing his outstretched hand that helped her jump over and steady herself once she landed. She looked down at her boss' feet, cooing once she saw the dog excitedly bouncing around at the sight of her. "Hey, Charlie!" 

"Didn't you say you were meeting some friends?" Mitch queried, watching as Stella obsessed over her year-old rescue dog. Buying her was a completely impulsive decision, occurring after she and Leilani had gone up to Indianapolis for the weekend at the beginning of summer. It took her parents a bit of convincing, but after watching the mutual adoration the two had for each other, they stop minding as much and allowed Charlie to stay. 

"Yeah, do we have any Twizzlers left in the shop?" Stella asked, standing up straight and rolling past him, with Charlie running after her. "I promised Kevin I'd bring him some."

The raven haired girl slowed and caught herself with the overhanging bench outside the rink's candy bar, she made a humming sound and leaned over in search of the food. Mitch scoffed as she picked up an unopened bag of Twizzlers by the cash register, cheering in triumph. "That's coming out of your pay-check."

"I'll bring a new bag in tomorrow," she grinned, before waving at the grey-haired man. "I'll catch you later, Mitch!"

"Have a good one, Stella," Mitch chuckled softly, observing in amusement as the strange teenager left the establishment with Charlie the Boxer dog trotting behind her with a pink tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.

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