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CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR ; THE SLUG RETURNSalso known as;( the gate ; part four )

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also known as;
( the gate ; part four )


"I'M PRETTY SURE IT'S THIS WAY," MIKE CALLED OVER HIS SHOULDER AS STELLA COMPOSED HERSELF. The dirt beneath her feet felt as if it were about to swallow her whole at any given moment, so for a moment she clung onto Steve, trying to remain balanced with a spinning head. 

"You're pretty sure, or you're certain?" Dustin asked as the rest of the group gathered around the raven-haired boy. Mike huffed and whipped his head around irritably. 

"I'm a hundred percent sure. Just follow me and you'll know," he snapped, and Stella sighed softly, tucking the mallet under her arm as she and Steve moved through the crowd. 

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Steve pushed forward so that he was standing before Mike. "Hey, hey, I don't think so. Any of you little shits die down here, I'm getting the blame, Stella too. Got it, dipshit?"

"Hey," Stella piped up warningly, nudging the Harrington boy in the side. 

He didn't seem to notice, as he was too busy snatching the map off of Mike and waving his hands about to gain everyone's attention. "From here on out, I'm leading the way. Come on, let's go."

As much as Stella hated being underground, and having the kids underground, she knew they couldn't leave until they did what they had to do. She ushered them all in front of her and made sure they were moving at a speedy pace so that they could get out as soon as possible. She hung around at the back of the party so that she could keep an eye on everyone. 

Her favourite pair of sneakers crunched against the slimy waste, and she pulled a face as they reached a small space. She was too busy looking down at her dirty shoes as the others were marvelling at the strange place. She passed Dustin as she tried to dodge other clumps on the ground, her goggles being clouded by the strange matter in the air. 

Suddenly her train of thought was thrown off track when Dustin began to scream from behind her. She immediately spun around to see him writhing on the ground, cursing his little heart out.  "Dustin!"

"Shit, shit! Help!" He hollered, and she dropped to the ground to hold him down. Steve quickly came into view with the rest of the kids, all of them panicked at the sight. 

"What happened?" Steve inserted himself quickly beside Stella, neither knowing what to do. 

"It's in my mouth! Some got on my mouth! Shit!" the curly haired boy whimpered, coughing loudly before spitting something out. Stella grimaced. He then turned to looked at everyone though his thick scuba goggles. "I'm okay."

"Very funny, man," Steve muttered, shining in torch in the young teen's face. Stella exhaled softly and got to her feet with the help of Max and Mike, steadying herself carefully. "Nice, real nice."

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