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CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN ; SCOOPS AHOY!also known as;( suzie, do you copy? ; part two )

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also known as;
( suzie, do you copy? ; part two )


"HOW'S THE NOSE, ROLLER DERBY?" ROBIN CHIRPED AS STELLA WALKED INTO SCOOPS AHOY AFTER HER MONDAY SHIFT. Stella stuck her tongue out in jest, not hesitating in flipping Steve's coworker off. The tall, blonde girl was nothing short of hilarious, her sweet demeanour masked in witty comments and a tacky sailor outfit. "Harrington, your girlfriend's here!"

"Estella! Love of my life!" Steve's voice was loud and boisterous from the backroom, and Stella beamed as her boyfriend practically dove through the door with a full blown grin on his face at the sight of her. "Look at you, radiant as ever!"

"You're in a good mood," Stella chuckled as he pulled her into his arms, looking down to stare at her face. Despite the bruising around her nose and eyes, she was still the most beautiful person he'd ever seen. He was partly to blame for the broken cartilage, having suggested the idea of diving into the public pool with her skates on. Still, it made her look badass. "Considering you're working a ten hour shift today."

"Think of the money, baby," he moved his hips from side to side, before leaning down and kissing her lightly. Robin gagged loudly from behind the cash register, so Steve raised his middle finger in her direction. "You wanna hang out in the back? I got some more of those colour-by-number books for you, since you like them so much."

"Sounds like a plan," she responded brightly, reaching to hold his hand. They weren't usually so gooey and intimate, but it seemed to piss Robin off, which was always a lot of fun. Stella adored the girl, she thought that her attitude towards everything was endearing and amusing, and the fact that she took care of Steve during the day was something she was grateful for. "I'm just gonna do a quick snack run. Rob, you want anything?"

"Does the candy store still have those giant boxes of Nerds?" she asked, leaning against the counter, staring intently at the girl. Stella nodded enthusiastically, to which Robin grinned. "One of those please."

"Gotcha," Stella clicked her fingers in her direction, before patting the side of Steve's face. "I'll be back in ten. I promised Lola I'd drop off an orange juice. She's not finishing until late tonight; merchandising and all that shit."

"Tell her I said hi," Robin piped up as the girl turned to leave, and Stella couldn't help how her smile grew even wider. Lola had confided in her just over a month ago about the fact that she was gay, and that she had been crushing on Robin since sophomore year. So, it was up to her to subtly bring them together, though she had to be careful considering how stupid some people were about those who were 'different'. 

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