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CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN ; THE SKY AND HIS STARalso known as;( the spy; part three )

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also known as;
( the spy; part three )


STELLA COLLINS FELT LIKE A FAILURE. Disregarding the fact that she was in her idea of a living nightmare, the fact that she had a broken arm and what felt like a dysfunctional brain weren't much help in that moment. Her eyes were locked on the figure creeping outside the gigantic bus she stood in, her arms protectively locked around Dustin and Max, who were either side of her. As soon as Steve had decided to offer himself to the carnivorous beasts lurking in the fog, she had gathered all of the kids so that she could keep them safe. 

It was dead silent in the vehicle they were cooped up in, the only sounds being the nervous breathing of each of them. Stella inhaled sharply when she heard Steve whistle softly, and she could only think about how much of a fucking idiot he was. Part of her was still in a state of shock from what happened only moments ago, but she could barely think about that when he was literally about to get himself killed. 

 The group watched from a distance as Steve raised his spiked baseball bat in the air, planting his feet firmly into the ground next to the chopped up cow meat. Stella could see from his posture that he was clearly scared, and though she managed to identify his clear bravery, she was still wishing it was her out there so he would be safe. 

"He's insane," Max whispered as she leaned closer to the grated window, shaking her head in disbelief. 

Dustin grinned. "He's awesome."

Stella tensed slightly as she saw Steve freeze, his hands tightening around the handle of the weapon. Her eyes latched onto the dark figure emerging from the night before him, and she felt her heart stop.  

"Steve, watch out!" Lucas screamed from his position on the roof, and Stella's jaw slacked slightly with the realisation that the boy wasn't downstairs and safe. 

"I'm a little busy here!" Steve yelled back, his vision focused on the single demogorgon before him. 

"Three o'clock, three o'clock!" Lucas called out, and everyone both in side the bus and outside looked in that direction to see another slimy animal crawling towards Steve.  

Dustin ripped from Stella's grasp and over to the door, pulling it open hastily. "Steve!  Steve! Abort, abort!"

Stella yelped in shock as Steve dove out of the way as one of the demonic creatures launched itself at him, skidding across one of the car skeletons and falling into the floor. He quickly pulled himself up and swung the bat, hitting one of the animals back. Lucas pushed past Stella and began yelling along with everyone else in desperation. "Steve, run!"

Steve actually managed to listen this time, breaking into a sprint towards the open door of the bus. Stella's heart was pounding as he ran as fast as he could, the numerous beasts on his tail. He had to make it, she needed him to make it

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