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CHAPTER THREE ; WHAT'S YOUR DAMAGE?also known as;( the weirdo on maple street ; part two )

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also known as;
( the weirdo on maple street ; part two )


"Jesus, what's got you in such a hurry?" Gary Collins exclaimed, practically diving out of the way as his daughter came barrelling past. His hand protectively flew to protect the coffee in his mug, droplets rolling down the side of the porcelain as he regained his balance. Stella threw an apology over her shoulder as she ran into the kitchen, opening the fridge and pulling out a water bottle. Gary watched her for a moment, before sighing and stepping over to the counter, putting his drink down. "Slow down, Star! You've got time! Also, try and get a ride today, please. I don't want you being all careless anymore, especially with the Byers kid missing."

"Thanks, Dad, but I'll be fine," Stella responded quickly, not bothering to grab any food before she rushed to the front door, picking up her skates. "I need the exercise, and I have to stop by the Wheelers first anyway."

Gary forced a smile on his face, nodding once. "Okay then, have a good day sweetheart."

"Love you!" She called as she stepped outside, shutting the door behind her. As the morning breeze flew through her baby hairs, her eyes immediately set themselves upon the Wheeler house next door. A loud exhale escaped her pink lips, before she broke into a quick run across the pavement in her thick socks, dodging puddles on the ground.

Her feet took her to the front of the large home in a matter of moments, and soon she was uncomfortably shifting from foot to foot and knocking on the wooden door. She still had a good amount of time to get to school, but for now she needed to fulfil her promise in checking up on Mike.

"Stella?" The voice of Mrs Wheeler caught Stella's attention, causing her to spin around and smile politely. The poised woman's eyebrows knitted together curiously, taking in the girl before her. She was wearing something relatively normal for once, a white cropped turtleneck and a pair of denim overalls that were rolled up at the bottom. Her dark hair was parted into two messy french braids that she had done herself, but her wide smile was still perfectly in place.

"Morning, Mrs Wheeler," she responded, her eyes bright. She wasn't feeling too bright, but she always appeared to be happy, no matter how she felt on the inside. "Is Mike here? I just wanted to check up on him to see how he was doing."

Mrs Wheeler smiled politely, opening her mouth to reply but being cut off by the small dark haired boy appearing at her side. "Oh, well, here he is to tell you himself. I'll leave you two alone."

After thanking him and watching her walk off, Stella looked down at Mike with wide eyes. "Is everything okay? Is she going to talk to your mother?"

"No," Mike shook his head, which made Stella's eyebrows furrow in confusion. Mike huffed, crossing his arms, clearly frustrated. "She's in danger, Star. I can't scare her even more."

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