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CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE ; THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYERalso known as;( the pollywog ; part one )

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also known as;
( the pollywog ; part one )


"I FEEL AWFUL," KEVIN GROANED, HALF HIS BODY CURLED UP ON THE SURFACE OF THE TABLE THE GROUP WERE SURROUNDED AT. Leilani and Richie both grunted in agreement, and Stella chuckled, staring across the art table at her hungover friends. She was sitting on the side of the bench, with Kevin at the head and the other two opposite her. They were clearly all exhausted, which only entertained her more. Though she had made it home just after midnight, she had heard Richie mutter that they weren't picked up until around two in the morning. "Whose idea was it to make Halloween a weekday?"

"Whose idea was it to keep drinking?" Stella retorted, and Kevin didn't bother looking at her, he only raised his left hand to flip her off irritably. The raven-haired girl grinned, clearly amused at the sight of her downtrodden companions. She had a mild headache at the most, but the three people around her had clearly had more than a few cups of alcohol. "So, what happened after I left? Anything exciting?"

As soon as the words left her mouth, Richie and Leilani reddened from across the table, both of them clearly flustered. Stella quirked an eyebrow and glanced over at Kevin, who had finally looked up. A tired smirk spread across his face, and he leaned in Stella's direction to whisper. "They were making out for like, half an hour."

"Oh my god!" Stella exclaimed, and the two teens on the other side of the desk dove forward with outstretched hands, trying to shut up their loud friend. Stella's eyes widened and little and she leaned over a little, lowering her voice. "Oh my god! Finally! It took you two long enough."

"What?" Richie spluttered, his eyes focused on anything but his friends. Stella and Kevin were grinning widely, more than happy to take the piss out of the finally blossoming romance. ", you.."

"So, are you two like...together?" Stella asked, watching as Leilani and Richie shared a quick glance, both of them with soft smiles on their faces. Stella squeaked, clapping excitedly as she saw Richie subtly reach over and squeeze Leilani's hand. "This is the best moment of my entire life."

"And what happened to you after you left?" Kevin asked pointedly, and Stella shrugged, twirling her pencil between her fingers. 

"Steve and I went roller-skating for a bit to get his mind off what happened with Nancy," she muttered, and everyone raised their eyebrows at her. She paused, looking around the group in confusion. "What's with the inquisitorial expressions?"

"I'm surprised you know the meaning of the word inquisitorial," Kevin muttered, and Stella scoffed, crossing her arms. "It's just that...we've all been wondering if you were ever going to...get together?"

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