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  • Dedicated to Nicole Scherzinger, my icon and inpiration :P

             Through The Ice

Chapter 10: Glamour

The glamour was working perfectly and the humans didn't suspect a thing. I was given a nice room for the night and the view stretched over the white, smooth ice. Large trees were smothered in white flakes and until I came into this house, I didn't know how cold it was out there. I guess since I've always lived under the ice that it was just a little bit colder up here and that our race have come accustomed to the cold.

I blinked a few times and turned to my friends. All six of them were lying on one human pillow. "Can't you work your glamour stuff on us too?" Dean said. His voice sounded much higher and very squeaky. "I don't know!" I said rather irritated by him being so impatient. Couldn't he see I was thinking of a plan (you know, between all of the chatting with humans, and staring at things from above and such).

"You better think of something fast." Evan joked and stretched his masculine arms that were now the size of twigs, "Because, how am I supposed to kiss you if you're so huge and I'm so small?!"

I gasped. How could he say that? Did I look fat as a human? I did my best to look pretty; to myself I did look rather pretty every time I looked in the 'mirror'. It's a strange invention- the mirror- you're able to see your refection as light as day. I almost thought it was a long lost human twin of some sort at first! Silly me.

"You know what I mean," Evan argued. What was he on about? Oh, he must still be caught up by our conversation. These human inventions distracts me a little but. "Like this. You're supposed to kiss me like this," I bent over and kept my back straight. Just like a moon fairy would dance on water. I kept my hands tight at my sides and kissed Evan softly on his tiny head. "It's not the same." He said grumpily and flopped back onto the pillow. He turned to his stomach and his face I couldn't see now.

"I wish you'd understand Evan." I whispered and sat down on the soft bed. Waterbed- Polly had said. It was more soft and comfortable than the beds I always slept on, and it shifted when I moved on it. 'It's the water in it,' Polly explained and then left to play with some dolls. Nicer dolls than I ever had too.

"Tori!" Tawny shouted rather moodily from her position on the couch, "Stop dreaming about human stuff again!"

"I'm NOT," I protest.

"Yes you are, you've got that dreamy expression on your face again. And your eyes say everything. You'll never make a good actress, you know!" She scolded and took a tenth of the cookie I broke into pieces for them and started biting pieces off.

"Yes I will, have you not noticed how well I am hiding my life from the humans?"

Tawny just rolled her big blue eyes.

There was a knock on the door, "Hang on, I'll unlock it now." I shouted. I hurried to the door and grabbed the grey key from its place on the hook left to the door. I put it in the door and turned the key. Twack, sounded the turning key in the old door. I love doors, we don't even have the simplest thing the humans have here, back in Breena.

I glanced over my shoulder to see if my friends were hidden, and when I was sure they were well hidden, I turned the handle and swung open the door. "Why hello Polly," I said and smiled.

"Hallo Tori. Can I come in?" She asked. She had on a little blue dress that brought out the blue in her eyes. They seemed to glow in the sharp light in my room. I put my hand on her back and softly guided her through the door, then I turned and closed the door again, the wood creaked.

She sat on the edge of my bed, "What job do you do? Are you famous?" She asked me with an arched eyebrow. Famous, famous...What does it mean again?

"What's famous again?" I asked Polly.

She giggles, "You don't know what famous is? Where have you been- living under a rock?"

I wanted to scream out, 'No, under an ice barrier that sealed me in like a butterfly in a jar!' but I didn't. It would sound crazy.

She smiled and answered, "Well, it's when everybody knows your name and they just love and adore you and wherever you go, they're there to welcome you. I wish I were famous sometimes."

I must admit, the way her explanation sounded made my heart ache; I wanted to be famous too. I was hungry for it.

"Oh, yes, sorry, the word slipped my mind." I acted like I only forgot the meaning.

"It's not a word you usually get confused with or forget, but its okay. So are you?" She urged again.

"I'm trying," I said so softly it's a wonder she heard me.

"So what are you?" She asked.


"Are you a model, or a singer or maybe an actress who'll play in beautiful films one day?"

"Oh yes, I'm a..." I listened to the faint sound of a radio in another sound, slipping into the room from underneath the gaps between the wall and the door. A song played of a boy who lost the girl he loved in a car accident.

"A singer, I love to sing." I said quickly. I could try to be one actually, I thought. I was a wonderful singer in Breena, and maybe I can people here who'd like my voice too.

"Wow, like Hannah Montana and Selena Gomez?" Her eyes grew double their normal size. I didn't have a clue who Hannah and Selena was, but they must be very famous. Then I'll be like them, I decided.

"Yes," I replied to Polly.

"Okay, want me to make a video of you?"


"And then we can put it on YouTube and everyone can see you."

"Umm, okay, I guess..."

Polly ran out of the door and came back a while later with a small black object tucked under her arm. "Daddy let's me use this and put videos on the internet, he said someday I could be a director!" She smiled broadly and I chuckled. I tried to picture this little girl making a scary film, complete with zombies and dragons and singing fairies. ;)

I licked my lips, "So when do I start singing?"

"Just think of a song and when I say 'action' you start okay?"


While Polly fiddled with the thing and switched on and off lights, I thought of a song. I didn't know any human ones, but I know quite a lot of Seelie songs. There's the one called Thing, which is a song for babies actually, and Hail to the Queen, which is out anthem, and umm...?

"Action!" Polly called out, I was still trying to think of a song and therefore totally bewildered. I just started singing random words that came into my head. I used some classic fairy sounds in my song, making a cool beat and singing notes made up by fairies.

When I finished Polly dropped the object from her grasp and collapsed on the floor.

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