Through The Ice ch8

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            Through The Ice

Chapter Eight: Trapped

So this is what every girl dreams about for her whole life- The boy she loves asking her to marry him and giving her a gorgeous ring that fits her like it was destiny to wear it. Except Evan gave me a necklace and not a ring, but still. I don't know if this is my dream though. I do love Evan and I wish we could be together but...Rushing into things just because I'm going to die in three months- okay wait, that sounds...Weird.

I brushed some hair out of my eyes and lay back on the blanket under the enormous blumbleberry tree. I sighed as the cool air rushed through my hair and I had to fix it again. Evan's fingers stroked my cheek but I stared upwards at the sky. It almost looked like the sky was...I don't know how to say this- flowing. Slowly and with grace it was moving up there, or I thought it was moving anyway. "What are you thinking?" Evan's cool voice croaked because we had laid here in silence for a long time already. "Nothing much," I answered and turned on my hip so I could look him in the eyes.

He scooted closer to me and put his arm around me, I snuggled into him. "Why is life so difficult?" I asked with the tone of a dead man. My voice had become utterly depressing and soft with an edge that told you I was worried and stressed out of my shoes.

"C'mon you too, you're spoiling my mood!" Tawny scolded from behind Evan's back. I couldn't help but laugh. We had gone through with Crystal's plan and was lying on a blanket- all seven of us; me, Evan, Crystal, Tawny, Stephanie, Rosalie and Crystal's boyfriend. The trees hovered above our heads and swayed in perfect time with Stephanie's breaths.

"I think we should get some firewood," Dean (Crystal's boyfriend) said. "Yeah, I'll come along!" Crystal shouted and got up, she raced towards Dean and he put his arm around her shoulders as they disappeared into the trees. Tawny slapped her eyes shut with both of her hands, "Oh my word, I've GOT to find a boyfriend, and you guys are making me sick by the way!" She shouts. Stephanie blows a breath from her mouth and sends a strong wind blowing Tawny a few feet away. "Hey, no fair!" Tawny yelled at Stephanie.

"This isn't a game; I can do what I want!" Stephanie shouted back and giggled with Rosalie.

"Well then," Tawny began again, "It's real that your breath smells like crumple fruit!" She stomped her feet as she fell back onto the blanket and practiced her shaping in silence and a scary scowl.

I wanted to laugh at her, but I had a feeing she'd attack me if I did. Tawny was in a ...Tawny mood and you don't mess with Tawny and her moods! Remember that warning and make a mental note!

I sighed dreamily as Evan traced his thumb on my bare stomach. His mom bought me a whole new closet of stunning outfits. The one I wore now is one of my favorites- It's a dark purple top that covers just the necessary and reveals my flat stomach. The pants are skin tight and are a grey-black color, and the shoes are flat and purple to mach my top. I haven't seen anyone wearing such clothes around here, so it must be new. I like it very much.

Rosalie traced her fingers along the edge of the blanket and colorful little flowers sprouted out of the soft ground.

A while later Crystal and Dean returned. Crystal's hair was ruffled and her shirt was a little dangly and twisted, Dean had the same first-thing-in-the-morning look. It was clear they had not searched for firewood- firstly by appearance and secondly, they had no firewood.

"So...Lovebirds," Tawny began with her daring voice, "Where's the firewood?" She raised an eyebrow and smiled naughtily.

Dean seemed bewildered but Crystal's eyes sparked, she was great at making plans, but lets just see how good she can put something together to still sound like innocent, sweet Crystal.

"Well," She began, "We looked for firewood and, um, then, you know,"

"No I don't." Tawny said and shook her head slightly to look more dramatic.

"Okay, we, looked for firewood,"

"Yes, that's established by now."

"And then, we got some,"

"Yes, do go on."

"And we lighted it and it burnt out before we reached you guys." Crystal fake smiled and the corners of her eyes curled upwards.

I watched as Tawny just rolled her eyes and flopped onto the blanket. I chuckled. Tawny was the one who lighted the firewood because she has the ability to shape fire out of nothing and so on, so Crystal's explanation is therefore not too good. Everyone now knew that Crystal and Dean made out in the forest.

I looked up at the sky and almost had a heart attic. There was movement in the sky! Way up there, something swiftly zoomed in the sky, right above us! I jumped up and heavily tilted my head up to the sky. I thought I saw the flowing stuff again, and I skidded into the air with my wings fluttering full speed ahead.

"Tori?" Asked Crystal loudly. They all started babbling so much I couldn't even make out who shouted what to me; I glanced down and saw the tiny figures seeming fifty times tinier now. I returned to flying upwards. "Almost there," I kept whispering to myself. And it was so. After only a brief few seconds I had come to this strange 'flowing' that I saw from down there. I looked down again and saw my friends flying up to me.

I ignored them and viewed the water with awe. It was magical, I must admit. Right here in the sky, floating in a perfect line as if there was some invisible plate keeping it up was water. Like a stream, flowing peacefully with tiny grey fish zooming swiftly past me. I put my hand up and reached for the water- to feel it there was really an invisible barrier holding it up. My hand went right into the water and I pulled it out again. I wiped my hand dry on my pants.

"Tori-" Evan swallowed his words when his eyes caught hold of this magnificent wonder. "What the hell?" He finished.

I laughed, "I knew it, I just knew!" I felt happy again, and this strange water gave me energy...Is this what the moon does to Crystal? The sun to Tawny, August to Stephanie and midnight to Rosalie? I breathed in the strange scent. My heart raced and my body felt energized as never before. Humans, came the word into my mind. It just jumped in, without me thinking of anything. Were the humans above the water? Wait a minute, wasn't there something about ice keeping us sealed in here? But this is only water. Unless... I examined the water and tried to see through it to the other side. Unless the ice is on the other side, I finished my thought and held my breath.

I fluttered my wings as strongly as I could and forced myself rapidly into the water. I kicked my feet as fast as I could and waved my loose arm around to help me swim. My fingers slipped from my nose and a little water came into my nose. It burnt like crazy all the way down into my throat. I got better grip of my nose and kicked my legs faster. The more I swam up, the more energized I felt. Ever since Evan gave me the necklace, I've felt a teeny bit happier, but this was exhilarating, I felt like I could kill the High Queen right here, right now!

I laughed underwater and small air bubbles made their way from my mouth. The drifted down instead of up, so the oxygen must be down there. It only proves my theory though; the ice must be up here! I swam even faster and then my hand bumped into something cold, white and silver-ish. I felt like screaming of pleasure! I could escape, I could live my life! How did the book say we use our powers? I can't remember exactly, but I guess there weren't really instructions in there, since the Queen didn't want us to learn how to shape and stuff.

I felt my oxygen getting less and less and my throat staring aching for it. I needed air, and I wasn't going to make back down to get air. That's when I spotted a huge bubble of air making its way through the water towards me. Through the water I saw Crystal moving her arms in a weird way. I knew what she was doing! She was keeping the water away and the air inside, creating like a little boat thing. I swam towards them and pushed myself through the bubble and into the air. I gulped heaps and heaps of it into my awaiting lungs. "Thanks goodness, you're my personal angel Crystal!" I thanked and fell onto my back. I wasn't tired, but just a little worn out from keeping my breath for so long.

"I can escape Evan, I can live," I said in Evan's direction and smiled proudly. "What are you taking about?" He asked and tilted his head a little bit.

"Look for yourself," I pointed up and everyone stared through the water. "It's ice, I can shape it into opening and we can leave and live forever Evan."

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