Through The Ice ch5

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            Through The Ice


Sunbeams strolled across my pink cheeks, and I yawned. I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes a few times before throwing the blanket off of me. I fanned my face using my hand and blinked a few times to get used to the sharp light.

Grandma made me this blanket for my birthday last year. It's a bunch of flower petals sewn to each other and it is huge and excruciatingly warm. I swung my legs across my bed and sat there with them dangling of the sides for a while. Normal fairies were walking to studies at this minute, but since I was labeled 'normal' I do not attend studies. Shouldn't I rather be labeled 'abnormal' since every one has abilities except for me? Oh well.

I was just about to get depressed when I recalled the little leather book from last night. It made me feel very special. If I was well one of the Ice Pixies, I'd be happy beyond words. I don't know if I am though, but the facts are all here; I looks like the pixies the book describes, and I am as they describe. (Although I hate to admit it).

I rummaged through my blankets and found it at the end of the bed, where my feet would lay at night. A good kind of calm overflowed my mind and I lay back on the bed. I reached for cotton pillow and stuffed it underneath my head to prop it up. Now this is a nice way to lie, I thought to myself. I took the back and caressed the faded cover with my thumb. My heart raced. This book...I don't know what to say. It makes me feel fun? It makes me feel adventurous or special?

It makes me feel like I belong- Now that is what this book makes me feel like. Like I belong in a world of fairies and power, and even more. I can communicate humans! (To tell the truth I don't really know what these things are, but it must be great! The word human...It sounds so interesting don't you think?!)

I opened the book and paged to where I stopped reading last night. Ah-hah, here it is, page three, I thought to myself and started reading.

Chapter Four: The History

Ice Pixies have existed since the beginning of time along with the three Queens- Queen Tana-  Queen of the Seelie, Queen Tanya- Queen of the Unseelie and High Queen Titania. The Ice Pixies helped disguised the three kingdoms from the human eyes and helped build the courts. After many years, other fairies were born into the courts; moon fairies, sun fairies, animal fairies, wind fairies and many more. The Ice Pixies still stayed the most powerful and was named the Originals amongst fellow villagers. It was only after the Pixies had consorted with humans too much and fell in love with the human world, that Queen Titania ordered her sister to wipe out all of the Ice Pixies in order to keep them hidden from the human world. Every time these Pixies are born into a new family the parents sign The New Law document to swear and never tell their child about their capabilities.

Chapter Five: Seventeen

On her Seventeenth birthday the child is led to the castle for a 'surprise party with the Queen'. It is said to every child that the Queen wants to meet these special 'normal' ones and has organized a party. The children are led to the castle and put in a room where a doctor visits them and injects them with 'medicine, -just in case you have a virus- so the Queen doesn't get infected'. The child is left in the room to wait for a chaperone and in three to five minutes, falls asleep for eternity.

Chapter Six: Ice

The High Queen has sent her Seelie sister to live under the ice, free from humans and has ordered the exterminations. (See previous chapter). She has also sent the Unseelie to live among the humans as they preferred. Only the Ice Pixies can break away the ice and it is the reason they shall be made away with. For if their addiction to the human ones returns they'll break the barrier and lead the humans here.

I paged and my hand shook badly. Mom and dad are going to kill me?? On my birthday which is said to be the perfect day for every fairy? My eyes blurred and I kept seeing visions of myself led through the palace. My hair is wrapped on my head in an elegant fashion and I'm grinning from pure excitement of meeting the Queen! But I'm not going to, she's ordered me to die and I don't even know it.

I tried to think but it's like my mind has shut off. How old am I now? I asked myself and put my hands in my hair. I'm desperate, I thought to myself, desperate to just find someone who can stop this all. I thought and though and finally my mind found the answer, I'm sixteen now, seventeen in three months. I only have three months left to live.

Saying it to myself, even if it's just in my head, makes it seem unreal. It's not possible. This book is a lie. But deep down inside I know it isn't. I know I'm' doomed.

Would mom and dad miss me if I died? The Queen is a murderer! I yelled in my own head. The High Queen is wrong, humans and fairies can live peacefully, I just know it! I swallowed and hyperventilated. A single, lonely swear rolled down my soft cheek and took its time to drop from my chin and onto my shirt. I threw the book against the wall and roughly brushed the upcoming tears from my burning eyes. I sniffed and ran to the bathroom where I slammed the door. I sank down to the door and put my arms around my head.

I want to go to the human world and see if they're such monsters, I thought to myself. I don't want to die! Can't she understand it; I want to live my life without dying! My whole body shook.

I licked the tears from my lips and drew in a deep long breath. I wished there was a way out. An easy way to get away from this trap, these lies all of these years. I wished I could've stayed with Evan for eternity.

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