Through The Ice ch6

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             Through The Ice

Chapter Six: Scared

After plenty of crying I sauntered out of the bathroom and straight for my room. I didn't dare look around, because I could just as well look into mom's or dad's eyes accidentally. I breathed in a calm way, just light little breaths in and out and in again and gently blow it out. I hated them now. They could've hidden me from the Queen or at least tried something to save me. This is my life we're talking about people. They made me, now why wouldn't they want me to live? I felt my eyes sizzling again and blinked hard to push the tears back inside.

I always wanted to be special- because I was always told I was normal. Now I figured out that because I am actually extremely special, that I'm going to die for it. I've hit depression like a water-ski hitting a sandbank at full speed. I entered my room and shut the door behind me. I turned and choked on air as I saw mom sitting on my bed. "Mom, get the hell out of my room!" U shouted at her, the tears had escaped when I saw her, and I did not have the guts to keep them in. It was too much. "Honey, what's wrong?" She asked me as if she really didn't know. I bet you they talk about it every day after going to bed. I bet they lay there and say 'oh dear, only three more months before Tori is killed. Then we'll have no bad influences for Ozzy and we can have the house to only us three perfect fairies. Whoopee! Do you think we should change her room into an art studio?'

I really bet they say that.

"Get out!" I yelled harder, forgetting to be quiet so the neighbors won't peek from their windows to see what the racket is about. "You know all too well." I continue softer. "Ever since I was born there's been this plotting to kill me cold-blooded!" I stared her down, and I swear I could've killed someone then.

Mom's white of her eyes stretched as her eyes doubled their size. "Where did you hear that?" She asked and tried to sound innocent. She couldn't hide that guilt sound in her voice though.

"Don't lie; I've had enough of your sorry excuses for lies!"

"Tori, just calm-" She uncrossed her legs and stood up from my bed as she talked. She moved closer but I cut her off.

"No, no I will not calm down." I protested. I saw mom's eyes tearing up too. I rolled my own pink eyes. It wasn't going to work on me- crying into me sacrificing myself in the end. I care more about myself than her. It's hard to say but it's the cold, hard truth. I picked up the little book and held it beside my face. "This book told me everything and I hate you!" I've never told my mother or anyone else, for that matter, that I hated them. I've thought it, I've written it in my diaries, but never verbally have I spoken that word to anyone.

"So you're telling me you're going to believe what is written in a silly little book rather than your own biological, caring mother?" She said sweetly and held out her arm for the book. I pulled it back into the safe position between my chest and my arms.

"Yes, the book makes sense and I swear you don't even love me." She flinched and clearly the words had stung her.

"Tori," She said but didn't say anything else. I turned around and left the house. I fluttered up from the porch and flew to anywhere but here. I spotted Evan talking to some other fairies on the ground and landed behind them.

"Evan," I said in a tiny, super soft, wimpy voice. I tapped his back with my index finger two times. He turned around and smiled to see me; his smile dropped almost immediately when he noticed my pink eyes and dreaded appearance. "Tori, what happened?" He asked me with a frown. I started sobbing again and he waved to the other guys as they left. Then he wrapped his arms around me and led me away to find a place more out of the public eye.

Under a yellow blossom tree he pushed me to his chest and let me cry. "Maybe if you tell me I can help?" He urged. "No one can help me." I sniffled sourly. He picked me up and then sat down. As he sat with me, he let me go and I realized he placed me on his lap. "They lied to me Evan. They're going to kill me." I cried and released the book from my hold. Evan caught it and held it tight in his hand. "You can read." I said slowly and lay back against his hard chest. He read in silence, and I only heard the swoosh of paper each time he turned the page. "Oh my word." He said- probably when he came to the death chapter. I sniffed again. My tears had dried and I didn't think I had any more fluids left in my entire body.

I found myself in a familiar place with Evan. I silence, with just us two sitting there in a wonderful, soothing silence.

I breathed in the fresh air deeply. "I love you Tori." Evan said randomly. "Love you too Evan." I replied and snuggled into his neck.

"You don't understand Tori,"

"Don't understand what?"

"That I really love you, as in love you."

My heart stopped beating and I lost consciousness. This day was just too much for me.

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