Through The Ice ch4

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            Through The Ice


I crawled out of bed and limped over to the window. It drizzled again and a thin layer of shimmer covered everything. I yawned and looked down at my reflection in the bowl of water. A silver haired baby-faced girl stared back. I saw that a few strands of black hair were appearing again. That's good; I don't want silver hair forever.

I applied some slug-gel to my dry lips and headed down the hall and for the kitchen. I took a hollowed out thorn from the cabinet and poured water into the long thin thorn. Slowly I stood and drank the cool water which tastes waver thin tonight. It must be my throat- it's burning, I thought and took a few more sips before stopping to breathe. The water just slid down my throat tonight, not even making contact with my tongue but just...Jumping away straight into my stomach!

I closed one eye and peeped into the thorn with the other. Only a few more sprinkles of water left. I tilted my head and let the last few sprinkles ooze on my tongue and slowly disappear into my dark neck. I smacked my lips and licked the last smudge of water from my lips. I threw the thorn into the nutshell to be washed, and head down the hallway and back to my room.

On my way I tripped (on a flat surface, yeah I know, awesomely lame!) and found myself sprawled out on the floor. My wind was crushed out of my lungs and I lay there on the cold wood just catching my breath and huffing and puffing. I supported my body by putting on hand underneath me and pushing myself up, but then my eyes caught something under the showcase. I squint my blue-green eyes and brushed some sleep out of my them. I looked closer. It was a thin leather book. It was taped to the floor, with those pieces of tape forming a cross over the beautiful leather. I reached for it, wondering why mom and dad would tape such a cute little book to the floor underneath the showcase?! Totally weird, right?!

I fell onto my tummy and made my body flat so that my arm could reach it easier. I gripped it with my fingers and then suddenly ripped it from the floor with my whole hand. The tape was taken by surprise- no chizz! Or it may just have been the fact that it was taped there a very long time and the tape was old and not of use anymore actually.

I grasped the book tightly and skidded of to my room as softly as I could. I don't know exactly why I don't want anyone to know I'm awake all of a sudden, but I do know I want to read this now and not be disturbed. If mom or dad or anyone entered now I would bite their heads off and tell them to leave me with my new book.

I carefully detached the ancient tape from the cover. I didn't want ugly glue stains or stuff to ruin the leather. I must sound rude to the snails that were squished for glue and now I don't want it ruining my cover, but they'd just have to calm down.

The tape came off easily and didn't leave a mark. It was so old it broke into little pieces and practically flaked off. A thick layer of dust was on the cover, except the marks where the old tape was and my fingers touched. I went to get some leaves in the bathroom and dusted off the cover.

I don't know if it was the dust or the words on the cover that blocked up my throat and gave me a choking attack, but either way, my eyes almost pooped out of the windows and my heart certainly skipped more than a few beats!

I widened my eyes and squinted them. I closed one eye, and then the other. I held the book farther away and closer. I don't think I breathed for quite some time. My whole heart was blocking the air to go into my lungs. The words on the cover read:

The Last Ice Pixies

There was a picture engraved into the leather in silver ink, a picture of a fairy whose wings looked similar and she looked so...Normal. Like me. What are Ice fairies anyway?

I turn the cover and see a painting of me on the day I turned ten years old. I was so happy then! Nothing was complicated and everything was sweet. It was my first painting and mom and dad had hired one of the best artists in Breena to capture my day. The picture made me smile.

I wonder why mom and dad put it away in this book they just abandoned. Don't they like it? I page on and see a long index. I hate indexes! So I just page on until I find the first chapter. The heading is this- Identification of the Pixies. Hmm. Sounds interesting I suppose.

Chapter One: Identification of the Pixies

The Ice Pixies are born into the Seelie (summer) court, although they're of the ice. They have access to the human world that normal fairies have not. They're special beyond words for they can put on a glamour, change size, contact humans, break through barriers and each fairy has their own set of abilities. When they're born they seem to be normal fairies, but it isn't until they turn five that they start seeming different e.g. their wings start to sprout at a later stage of life, when their wings do come in they're colorless with a unique set of silver patterns. They have mood swings, strange ways of thinking and usually don't follow rules. Only a handful is born in every millennium.

I wonder if I'm an Ice Pixie. That would be sooo cool if I was something other than normal as I've always thought! I hastily turn the page and read on, for this is just getting interesting!

Chapter Two: Shaping

Ice Pixies have the talent of shaping ice, the thing not even the strongest of moon fairies can. They can melt it or move it or change its shape just by wanting it to happen. They are very powerful, so please beware.

They can shape themselves (see chapter one- shape shift, change size etc).

Their imagination is overactive, but when wanting something badly enough, it will become reality.

Chapter Three: Why call them Pixies?

They have and are able to make and have contact with the human world as pixies have in the past before they were extinct by the very humans who they befriended. The Ice Pixies are capable of similar things, and was given the name Pixies.

I yawned. Why, this is getting super-duper-elastic-cooper intriguing but I'm extremely tires. I think I'll read more tomorrow. I fell asleep and dreamt of these strange things named 'humans'.

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