Through The Ice ch7

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           Through The Ice

Chapter Seven: Loved

I can be a bitch when I want to. I know it. Sometimes I love it. But most of the time I genuinely despise it. Going off on mom like that, I don't know why I do things like that sometimes. I couldn't control myself but I don't want to anymore. I kind of grew to love that part of me today. It was me and I wasn't ashamed as they always said I should be when I had done something wrong.

I owed no excuse to what I had said, and I did not care the least bit. It was her fault for this all. She had me in the first place and wouldn't even try to save me when she knew if she didn't I'd be killed.

"Tori, you want some ice and lemons?" Evan asked as I slowly opened my eyes. I bashed my long eye lashes a few times and took in my surroundings carefully. I was on Evan's bed and in his room. I knew it was his room because we've been friends really long and we've had multiple play dates in this room. He was standing over me and I felt something damp and heavy on my forehead. I lifted my hand to it and felt a damp cloth settled there, it was cool underneath my fingers.

"Uh, yes please." I replied with a bit of confusion. How did I end up here? Oh yes, I blacked out after Evan said he loved me. OMG, Evan said he loved me! My heart beat increased until there was no more beats, but only a bzzzzz because the beats were too fast to count separately. Like a mouse's heartbeat. Try it sometime, buy a mouse and put your fingers on its tummy and feel for its heart. You only get a buzzing sound because it has way too many single heartbeats every second.

Evan disappeared out of his room and came back a while later carrying two snail shells of ice and lemons. He handed me one and sat down on the bed with his own. He didn't drink it though, but only sat and gazed miles and miles ahead. His drink was bouncing up and down thanks to his shaking hand.

I sipped my drink and watched Evan. He seemed centuries ahead. I reached for his hand and barely touched his hand with my fingertips, "I love you too, really and truly and honestly." I vowed and my corners of my lips smiled. My eyes were sore and felt swelled up. Evan turned his face to me and gave me a half smile. My arms went all jelloid. He picked up my weak hand and intertwined our fingers. He held our hands in the middle of us in the air, and we just stared at each other. "In case you do..." Evan seemed to struggle for the words. "You can say it," I told, "Say the word. Die. It's not so bad when you get used to it." He's eyes showed how hurt he was and he forced a smile.

"In case you die, Tori, would you mind marrying me now?" The tension shot kilometers into the sky; it was higher than the moon.

"What?" I asked him to repeat his question. I must've heard wrong.

He laughed and I realized I missed that laugh. And would miss it more very soon. "You heard right Tori," He chuckled and took something from his pocket. I raised brow at him. Was Evan turning into a crazy person?

"Oh, I see. You want me to do this the right way." He smiled and stood up from his bed. He helped me sit up straight and I swung my legs over the side of the bed. He bowed down on one knee and held out a silver case with a white gold necklace laid perfectly inside. I couldn't help but stare at the beautiful object. It was so...Gorgeous. It was a plain necklace, but the prettiest thing in the world! There was an E and then a heart (I don't know out of what, but it was strange and I was in love with it!) And finally a T.

"Victoria Lopez, would you take my hand in marriage?" Evan asked. I swallowed hard. This was crazy! We were only sixteen!

"It's beautiful Evan," I referred to the necklace, "But I, I mean, were only sixteen and-"

"It doesn't matter; I want us to be together for eternity Tori." He argued.

"But we're not even dating," I protested.

"I've known you for about seven years and I think I know when I've met the one." Evan said and smiled. I smiled back.

"Can it wait, just a little bit?" I asked. He could at least give me that- just some time to figure stuff out. Especially after he made that cheesy sentence just now, is he becoming what we make fun of everyday? It's the second time he's said something corny in the past two days!

"Okay," He said with a teeny bit of disappointment in his tone.

"I didn't say no," I laughed, "I just said wait." That seemed to brighten his mood. He jumped up and took the necklace from the little box. "What does it stand for?" I asked.

"Sometimes you are as smart as a toothpick, you know that Tori?!" He joked and put the necklace around my neck.

"Why?" I was offended by him saying that. (But only a little bit.)

"It stands for Evan loves Tori. It was my grandmothers. My grandpa didn't have enough money to buy a ring, so he made this ring and bought this heart right here-" He put his finger above the heart, "its dry ice and it will never melt. I see it as destiny, Grandpa and grandma had the same initials as us, and you're an Ice Pixie and here is the ice. It fits us completely." He fixed the necklace around my neck and let go. It hung on my chest like it was made more me.

"Let me see," Evan said and I turned. "Wow, you're beautiful." He complimented. I hit him on his shoulder. "What?" He yelled.

I looked at him from underneath my lashes. The moment was perfect and Evan leaned in. Our lips touched and I locked my eyes shut tightly. "Evan, dinner is ready!" His mom called out. I didn't expect her coming through the curtain but she did, right before we could pull back.

"My word!" His mom shouted, "I come to bring the girl food and find you two kissing!" I saw Evan blush slightly. I was a beetroot myself. His mom didn't sound mad. I though about my mom that would've freaked out if she caught me kissing a boy in my room.

"She's very pretty," His mom said, "But even pretty girls must eat, c'mon dear." She took me by the hand and led me away.

Evan's mom, or call-me-Louise, gave me a long white dress and some white slippers. She said it was a nightgown, but it was cuter than my church dresses. I ate dinner with his family and then his mom showed me to the guest room. "It's terrible that you're sick and you're parents died dear." She said to me when we were standing alone in the guest room. "A flying accident- Evan said. It's tragic. Well, you can stay with us until we can help you get on your feet again." She hugged me and walked to the curtain. "Goodnight Tori." Louise said and yawned. It was the first time I heard her say my name (she usually calls me dear) and I like it a lot.

A while later another silhouette appeared through the drape. "Sweet dreams sweetie pie!" Evan said and bent down. He kissed me forehead and left again. "Good night Evan." I said softly- more to myself then anyone else.

It was nice of Evan to cover for me and let his own family take me in. Hopefully, mine will never find me again, I thought to myself.

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