Through The Ice ch1

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Through The Ice


Crystal danced on the silver water, her silky hair slipping through the air as her tiny body swirled and twirled on the river's gleaming surface.

She twisted down and took a drop of water into her hands. Then she rose again and held the drop above her head, and started spinning in tiny circles- The water drop later balancing on her index finger alone.

Finally, she stopped spinning and with one swift motion she bowed and sprinkled the clear drop back into the peaceful, twinkling river.

Tawny dragged more sunrays onto Crystal's little river stage and when Crystal smiled; her paper-white, straight teeth glittered in the sharp light. I clapped and Crystal skidded over the water towards me. I was sitting on one of the many chairs settled to face the river on the riverbank. And believe me; it had taken some time collecting all of these chairs!

This had been our private little place since we had became friends years back.

The chairs were handmade and very grand indeed; twigs made out the structure and soft strawberry leaves were the fabric we had used for seat covers. Only the front row- which we had decided were for the famous and richest fairies, had tiny cushions stuffed with sunflower petals.

"You were great, as usual." I complimented Crystal as I stood up. Her pale skin glowed, "Thank you Tori!" She hugged me and her skin tickled against mine. I looked down at my dress- now all wet thanks to Crystal's hug. Crystal giggled.

Note to self- Never again wear pretty dresses to Crystal's secret water-ballet shows.

Crystal was shy and therefore her shows were exclusively for us close friends only. She covered up her real fear for people by telling us she needed to practise and be comfortable on stage before she could perform. But we were her friends- we knew her, sometimes almost better than she knew herself.

Crystal was a moon fairy, meaning she had the ability to shape water and was most powerful when the moon was up. Whenever she shaped water, her skin glowed as it absorbed the water's energy, making her look even more beautiful than she already was!

I don't understand why we cannot see the moon. Mom says it is because it's too far away, and all of the moon fairies just nod in agreement. The same with the sun fairies and the sun. We feel its heat and light, but we can't see it. The only thing we have is dated photos and paintings.

Tawny fluttered closer and landed next to me, "I've gotten better. Look!" She clapped her hands together tightly, and then extremely slowly and stiffly, separated them. In the middle of her hands, floating in midair, was a tiny blob of light. "Congratulations Tawny!" I said, and not even two seconds later we were all startled by Tawny who lost her concentration and sent the blob of light shooting across the white sky.

It spiralled and zoomed, fizzing sounds still haunting my eardrums even though I couldn't see it anymore.

"Aww, that was my best ball of light yet." Tawny moaned sadly. I pictured the uneven mush of flickering in my mind; it didn't -at all- look like a ball, and I could tell the others were thinking the same thing, but we kept our thoughts to ourselves- not wanting to burst Tawny's bubble.

So Tawny was a sun fairy, if that wasn't obvious already. She controlled light, fire, etc. Just think about the sun... Friendly, warm and lovely, lively and bursting with flavour- that pretty much describes Tawny too.

I, on the other hand, was supposedly 'very special'. I don't see how, since I am only a plain fairy with no powers and no colorful wings and no nothing. But it's not like there's others like me, it's just me.

"Wanna go join Stephanie and Rosalie?" Crystal asked. "Yeah, they're probably waiting for us." I said and started flapping my see-through, glittered, silver wings.

I flew up just above the ground, to feel the slight breeze in my wavy black hair. When I fly really high on some days, I have to do my hair all over again when I land. I started drifting into the forest that separated the village (Breena) and the Everlands.

I began flying faster and almost crashed into an enormous, chocolate brown tree.

But just before my delicate body and the harsh tree could make contact, a cold hand gripped my forearm and ripped me to a halt. "Thanks Crystal." I said in a croaky, soft, I-almost-crashed-into-a-tree-and-you-saved-me voice so soft I barely heard myself.

"Uhm, yeah, whatever." She replied and sounded a bit shocked and out of breath.

I turned around and saw Crystal and Tawny both staring upwards. Following their gaze I saw what they were looking at, so shocked I almost forgot to flap my wings. Stuck in the very top branches of this enormous tree sat a giant fish of some sort- a thick layer of clear ice covering it from lips to fins. It's not any type of fish I've ever seen. "Do you think it's a Crumputty Blowfish?" Tawny was the first to speak.

"I don't believe so, it's way too big." Said Crystal after a few seconds.

"But how did it freeze? It's not even that cold, not nearly! And how did it get up there? And h-" Tawny babbled, but thank goodness Crystal interrupted her, "Let's get Rosalie, she's a nature fairy, so she'll probably know what fish it is and how it got up there..." Her voice trailed of.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Crystal and Tawny began continuing their journey back to Breena. "Eh, Victoria? You coming?" Crystal stopped and shouted at me. "Yes." I answered and turned my body to my friends, but my gaze stayed with the frozen fish.

I tore my eyes away, and followed my friends.


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