Through The Ice ch3

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  • Dedicated to My crush, but I can't put his name here because it's a secret! Shhhhh!

             Through The Ice


"We better get out of the shimmer, you're soaking." Evan said and pushed himself up from the steps. He held out his hand and pulled me up too. "Why don't you want to sit anymore?" I asked him. Evan laughed and my knees felt like jelly. He ran his hand through his longish chocolate brown hair. Then e showed me his hand- which dripped of golden shimmer. Before he could answer, I went into panic, "Oh my gosh, Evan your hair is smothered in it, it might dry, c'mon!" I urged him through the silk curtain and into the house.

"Oh no, no, no, no! I knew we shouldn't have sat in the shimmer for so long!" I yelled.

Evan started cracking up, "It was you who wouldn't go inside." He said it in a sweet, playful way and chuckled. "Stop making excuses!" I scolded and led him through the living room, where mom was cradling little Ozzy in her arms, and in the direction of the bathroom. I see her comb had done a good job. She had perfect, thin streaks of gold highlights in her long light brown hair.

I tried ignoring her complaints of us two dripping shimmer all over the place and how bad an influence I am to Ozzy. "Now I have to clean up or it'll stain!" She shouted after us just as we entered the bathroom.

I grabbed a nutshell and poured some water into it. Mom's comb was still here, lying on the counter. For once I was grateful she doesn't clean up after herself. "Hold still." I told Evan and furiously fast began wetting his hair and running the comb through. If the shimmer dried before I've gotten most out, he'd still have perfectly straight highlights. I hoped he isn't mad if it dries before I'm done, because shimmer takes weeks to wash out of your hair.

Then again, Evan isn't the kind of guy who gets angry. Never. Not even if you'd break his favorite toy. (I did in fourth grade, and felt so bad I bought him two more.)

Only a few smudges of gold were left in his hair and I relaxed. I'll get it out in time, I told myself. I evened out the gold and combed them. It's like everything and everyone had suddenly relaxed, and the world was so calm I thought we were all dead.

It's a good thing shimmer only makes our skin shine the teeniest bit. Imagine the whole village flying around with gold skin that looks like Aunt June's teeth fillings. I giggled at this thought and Evan lifted his eyebrow at me. "Are you laughing at me?" He tried to sound insulted, but his humor peeked around the voice and I chuckled at him. "You're no good of an actor Evan." I said and put down the comb and started applying slug-gel onto my dry lips. I smacked them a few times.

Two hands came from behind me and attacked the sides of my stomach. Hysterical laughter broke free from my pale pink lips and Evan lifted me into the air and swung me around. "Ev...Evan!" I shouted in between gulps of air and loud screaming-laughter. He placed me on the ground and kept on tickling me. I shoved him away, "Stop playing tickly fish!" I ordered him, "By the way, if you only had me two more minutes I would've bitten you!" Evan starts roaring with laughter again and tickling me, "Like to see you try sweetie pie!" He said in a flirty way.

It was a matter of seconds, to be honest, before I was flat on the floor. All of a sudden Evan stopped tickling me and his smile went away. I swallowed my laughter too and an awkward silence followed. We don't have many awkward silences- me and Evan. We have plenty of silences but it's only because we don't want to. When we do have our awkward silences, neither of us knows what to say or how to act.

I noticed he was on top of me and that our eyes were locked on each other's. It was actually rather...Sweet, yes, the silence was sweet.

His eyes caressed my face and stared at my lips. Now I felt really awkward! He leaned in very slowly, lowering one millimeter and then another until his lips brushed against mine. I've never kissed a guy before, and even though he was the first, I just knew he was a very good kisser. It was better than I thought it would be someday- Kissing, I mean. His lips very super soft and when he pulled away a tickling sensation went crazy on my lips. It only a simple kiss. Only one kiss. But it was magnificent. I was sad though, that this moment I've been waiting for, for my entire life was gone in just a matter of seconds.

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