Chapter 38

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Several Days later
Moon Festival


"Is the Northern gates ready?" i asked my men. "yes commander!" they replied."south? East? West?" i asked again and all of my warriors said yes. "okay wait for the Queen's command." i walked towards the Queen chambers knocked and heard a faint  voice permitting me to come in. I opened the door and saw the queen standing on her balcony looking over her great kingdom. She's wearing a black tube gown beaded with white diamonds like falling stars. Her long brunette hair is perfectly set in curls. Her crown was surrounded with black and red diamonds. Her stunning beauty can captivate anyone and those set of green eyes are so ethereal. "My queen everything is ready.. We are just waiting for your signal."i said. She turned to me and sighed" open the gates" she commanded. Then i pressed the intercome signalling the guards that its time. Then colorful fireworks exploded the sky, our dragons freely soared around the kingdom displaying their mighty wings, loud music echoing in the whole city and festive  people crowded the beautiful city. It was indeed enchanting. I followed the queen as she exited her chambers. "My queen-" i said but was cut off "Em stop being formal we're the only ones here." she said as we walked down the silent hallway. I cleared my throat and said "sorry Lexa.. Anyway your wife is already waiting for you at the event center." she just continued walking without responding to me. Guards opened the double doors for us. We called our dragons and flew towards the field where the main event is gonna take. As we arrived at the field people cheered as they saw their mighty queen and commander slowly descending from the sky. Our dragons lowered their heads as we jump towards the ground and landed smoothly. We walked towards the stadium, people greeted us and praised us, we've put on our stoic face like every other public appearance we've been through. I was on high alert still looking after the queen. The queen face d her people and the crowd roared with praises. The councils were all present also bowing to the queen. I seated at the right side of the queen and on her left side is Costia looking proud with her golden gown hugging her perfect body, her brunetted hair was tied neatly in a bun and her crown was drapped around her head like falling rain drops. She smiled sweetly at Lexa but the queen just coldly avoided her eye contact which earned a frown from her beautiful face i couldnt help but smirked. The queen raised her hand and the crowd immediately went silent. Then her powerful voice reigned "Thank you for being here tonight and still kept our tradition. The moon festival has been an important event for our people. It is a way of thanking the moon goddess for giving prosperity and peace to our kingdom. I hope everyone will enjoy this night." she raised her glass and said." POWER TO THE KINGDOM! " and in unison the crowd raised their glasses and shouted" POWER TO THE KINGDOM!!!" Then the queen sat on her throne. The lights went out and holograms with countdown appeared. As the last fireworks boomed the party began. I saw Indra at the corner of my eye I turned to her and she seemed bothered about something. I leaned towards her and whispered "what seems to be the problem Indra?" she was hesitant at first to tell me and was about to speak when hush whispers invaded the night. I turned to the commotion and almost lost my breath as i gaze upon the golden haired girl that hunts me every night. She's wearing a white silk gown that perfectly mold her beautiful body. Her golden locks were just let loose following her every move. She looked more enchanting than i could remember. I look at her side and saw an almost silver like wavy hair longer than i could remember, her fair skin is almost glowing in the moon light, she wore a light blue off shoulder gown with skin tight fitting, i immediately recognize the girl and turned to the Queen. I was shocked to see how she tightly grip the arms of her chair turning her fingertips white, her face remained unreadable but her eyes says otherwise. I turned to the sky princess again and saw a raven haired girl protectively holding the sky princess hips. Then the girl kissed the princess cheeks which was returned with a loving smile from the princess suddenly i heard a glass break at my side. I saw the queen with a bleeding hand and a broken glass. Councils and servants immediately tend to the Queen, Costia hysterically gave orders to the servants, now people turned there attention to us including the sky people. For the first time after a year of not seeing her i finally had a chance to gaze her beautiful face, we made eye-contact for a moment but i immediately withdraw it and hastily moved to the queen's side. Her hands are bleeding badly and some glasses are still pierced in her skin. "Where the fuck is Nyoko?!?!" Costia angrily asked the servants. "Stop it Costia, I'm fine its just a small wound nothing serious." The queen calmly said while checking her hand. "there is nothing fine with that!! You're bleeding Lexa for heavens sake!!" Costia said angrily. Worry was evident in her eyes. "dont be so dramatic.." lexa said while giving her a warning glance. Her irritation to her wife is obvious making Costia flinch. "I said I'm fine." the queen said to the councils and servants hovering her they immediately stepped back and bowed. "Commander can you please accompany me to the infirmary."she said as she turned to my direction." Yes ofcourse your majesty." i said and bowed."Indra take it from here." i commanded to my right hand. "yes commander" Indra said then salute. We walked towards our dragons and we commanded them to fly towards the infirmary. I glance at lexa and now saw her true emotions. The strong and mighty queen broke down into tears. I can't blame her though a year is not enough to forget your one great love. Seeing the sky princess inlove and happy also made me sad for Lexa and the worst part is she couldn't even remember the queen that she once loved. We will remain a stranger to them and nothing more.

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