Chapter 42

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"why would you have to bring them here? They can be with their designated clans" I huff in annoyance. Lexa look at me and didnt even tried to hide the irritation written in her face "do not question me Costia know your place!" she said firmly. I was stuck in my place and watch her retreating figure. I immediately went towards my chambers, servants greeted me but i never acknowledge them and i just rolled my eyes, the guards opened the door for me, they bowed at my presence, i just walked passed them. I stood at the center of my chambers and scan the area. I clenched my fist for realizations hit me. I was alone in this luxurious room, sure it is every girls dream to have everything but i longed for Lexa's presence, her kisses, her hugs, her love, her everything...tears poured down my face as I recalled what we used to be.. What we used to have.. I broke down and suddenly everything went black my true emotions bursted out like a time bomb. I shouted and threw  everything that i could get my hands on. I wanted to destroy this perfect chambers exposing how ugly it should be. I threw my crown and teared my gown.. I look at myself in the mirror and saw a plain Costia.. Not a higher rank grounder nor the Queen's wife just Costia.. Who is broken and longing for love.. My eyes widen in shock when i saw the beautiful sky princess looking at me with a mocking smile. With her stunning beauty and captivating blue eyes she is indeed suited to be the Queen's wife.. Powerful and beautiful at the same time. "no....I'm the queen.. I'm her wife!!" i shouted at the sky princess image then punched the mirror making it break into pieces. I saw my reflection in the broken glasses except now im alone. No sky princess is there to mock me. It was only my reflection staring back at me." you're pathetic.." i whispered telling myself in the mirror. I hate the princess for taking everything i have. If it wasn't for her, me and lexa should be living happily now and ruling the kingdom together. I want her dead. I want to erase every bit of her existence. I called Ontari cause i know she would do anything for me. She immediately picked up the phone. "Ontari its Costia.. I want you to do something for me.." i said while smiling at my idea.

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