Chapter 48

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"commander our drone detected this unusual image in the south side forest.." one soldier reported. We are currently at the tower going over the security of each clan. We used drones to scan each vicinity. "show it to me.." i commanded. Then the soldier immediately viewed it on screen. I squinted my eyes and saw smoke like someone created a bonfire but who would do that no grounders can go to that area. "ready for search parties. I think we have unwelcomed guests" i commanded. Then in unison they responded "Yes commander" while saluting. I called my dragon and rode towards the south, i searched for the smoke again and guided my dragon towards it. I jumped off his back and smoothly landed on a tree branch. I kept myself undetected and moved quietly from one branch to another. I saw my soldiers creeping within the vicinity hoping to catch the people behind it. Then i saw something moved i was about to give them signal but in a speed of light they were knocked out unconsciously. "CODE RED!!" I shouted and my soldiers surrounded the vicinity then reigned it with bullets. I raised my hands to signal them to stop and observe again the heavy smoke. Silence reigned and i held my breath waiting for another attack. Then we heard an agonizing sound. "move in.." i said then the warriors moved towards the smoke. "Commander.." i immediately ran towards them and gasp for what i saw. Two men dressed like sky people's trademark. They were injured by the gunshots but still manage to keep alive.  "please... Don't kill us.." the brown haired man said while holding his shoulders. The other man with black hair hiss in pain holding on his stomach. "take them to the infirmary now!" i commanded the soldiers. They carried the men immediately. I called my dragon and flew towards the castle. I need to talk to the Queen as soon as possible.


Emily suddenly barged in my study making me stop from reading the reports." there are other survivors.." she said with out of breath. "what do you mean.." i scrunched my brows confused by what she said. She gasp for air before answering "there are other sky people alive in this kingdom.." "WHAT?!" I stood up "the soldiers took them to the infirmary.." she continued. I hastily moved and called heda. She immediately appeared at the balcony then i jumped at her back. Emily followed riding her dragon as well. "call octavia summon her to the infirmary.." i said to Emily which she complied by talking to her intercom. The Gods really know how to play with their cards cause this is really a twisted fate. I don't know how my people or the councils would react if they knew that there are other sky people survived. I don't want to make them feel threatened. I want them to live and accept one another. Is that too much to ask? I thought and sighed heavily.

We smoothly landed on the ground. The people around bowed to our presence as we walked towards the entrance. "they are now in the intensive care unit.. We shot them accidentally for we thought they are enemies lurking in the woods.." emily said. "well they were an enemy back then.." i commented. When the guards opened the double doors to the intensive unit i saw Nyoko looking at the charts and talking to other doctors. He felt our presence and they immediately bowed to us. "Nyoko.. How are they?" i asked while looking at the two men lying on the hospital bed. Machines are attached to their bodies. They're both thin and weak. "Still living but since they're suffering from malnutrition their body would really take too long to recover. They are just lucky enough to possess powers for that is the only string why they survived." Nyoko said with sadness in his voice. The double doors opened suddenly revealing frantic Octavia who immediately look at the two men in bed." Bellamy... "she whispered in pain, tears are spilling in her eyes." Octavia.." Emily called. She turned to us bowed while wiping her tears." I'm sorry your grace i was just overwhelmed to see my brother alive... I felt his presence and immediately head towards the infirmary before Indra announced the news..thank you.. Thank you for taking care of them..." she said while trying to suppress her sobs." If you could detect their aura then that means the sky princess.. " i was about to asked but Octavia cut me off knowing already what i had in mind." She's now heading here... " Then just on cue commotion was heard outside. I turned to Emily signalling her to let them in." open the doors.. "Emily commanded the guards. Three sky ladies rushed inside then stopped when they saw the two men lying in bed. I can't help but stare at the sky princess as she cried with relief reflecting in that beautiful blues of hers. I want to envelope her in my arms once again. I want to comfort her that everything is okay. I clenched my hands and jaw in order to stop myself from throwing everything away just to be with her. I gasp when she turned to me, meeting my greens with her blues.. I longed to look at those eyes once again.. Then i realized how i crave for her presence and how i missed her beautiful face.. I held my breath as she stepped closer towards me..

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