Chapter 22

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The crowd was now able to recover and cheered for us. The people seemed to want more of our music but they were silenced as the bald man spoke. "We are gathered here today to witness the remaking of the blood contract and restoration of the barrier." I rolled my eyes to how formal he spoke. Clark and the queen face to face while the bald man stood at the center holding a golden knife and a cup with ancient writings on it. "Your highness.." the man gave the knife to the queen first which she took it and sliced her palm without hesitation. I flinch at the sight of the black blood running to her arms. Then she handed the knife back to the man. "Your highness.." the man turned to clark and pass her the knife. She just look at it then glanced above the sky where the tower of the sky castle was still visible. Then a tear fell down on her eyes. I realized that this is the last time we will see a glimpse to our once called home. The memories we shared there and the people we once loved and knew will be just a page in our memory. I felt Raven holding my hand tightly and I squeezed her hand to comfort her. I can hear faint sobs of Allison and I didn't even noticed my tears falling from my eyes. "Your highne-" "Just give her a moment" said the queen cutting off the  bald man which responded with a bow. Clark took a deep breath and wipe her tears off. She took the knife and did the same. Crimson red blood drip from her palm. The bald man took each leaders hand and face them to each other. "From this day forward. The queen of the grounders and the princess of the sky signed a blood bond to live in unity and to protect the people." Then he put their hands together. "Now finally the sky and the ground will be as one..." Clark and the queen look at each other and I could see intense emotions between them. The bald man look at Clark and said "Now sky princess release your powers .." "What?!" Clark asked with shocked face. "The binding will be complete if you and the queen share your strengths to one another." The man continued. We are all shocked of what he said. The queen may not survived her flames though many times we saw her held Clark without getting burned but it's not the same with a full blast one. Our people didn't even survived even with Allison's force field. Hell. We barely make it alive. The people gasp to the revelation. "Do it Clark." The queen spoke firmly. "NO." Clark and tried to removed her hand but she was unable to for the queen held it tightly. "DO IT NOW!" The queen commanded. "I SAID NO ! I don't wanna hurt you.. " Clark said with teary eyes. "You won't.." the queen answered. "Let us begin..." the man said. Clark held gaze with the queen and she gave her a nod. Then Clark closed her eyes and blue fire appeared forming her body. Her silver blonde hair levitated in the air. Her deep blue eyes are now glowing with blue flames. The queen stayed on her ground and no indication of pain passed through her face. Then the blue flames transferred to the queen enveloping them both. They levitated and a blue circular flame came out of them then it grew wide. We felt the strong force coming from them then slowly the circular blue flame made a barrier. It was magnificent seeing the flames slowly spread until it disappeared. The two rulers slowly descended from the sky then landed smoothly on the podium. They stood there still holding each other's hands then the crowd cheered. Chants and drums beat as one to celebrate the success of the blood contract. I look up the sky and could no longer see our home anymore. I felt someone hugging me at the back and base on the sobs I knew it was Raven. Then Allison joined us leaning on my shoulder while we gaze upon the sky. Clark look at us and followed the direction of our gaze then she let go of the queen's hand and stepped forward while looking at the now clear sky...

The celebration was transferred to the palace. Some grounders were dancing, some are busy chatting and some are just enjoying the drinks. The queen sat on her throne observing her people. Clark was busy talking to Allison. And Raven was now dancing around. We started drinking the grounders alcohol and drinks after drinks I felt my world spinning. I saw Clark and Allison now dancing with Raven. Raven pulled me towards them and we danced to the beat of the drums. We laughed all night. I felt Raven kissing me on the cheeks then laughed. We are too drunk to care and too drunk to understand why we are laughing. Then I saw a  grounder made its way to Allison and touched her hips while swaying to the beat, she was too drunk to noticed it. I was about to go to the man when the commander appeared and pulled him away from her. I don't know what their saying but just looking at the commander's face she's really pissed off and the man reflected fear in his eyes and quickly walked away. The commander turned to Allison and carried her in bridal style. She struggled to get away from her grip but the commander was too strong for her and she basically just gave up. The commander turned to me and said "I think you girls have enough fun for tonight." She said firmly. "What ? But we just started..." Raven whinned then giggled. "You're too serious  commander" Clark said. While poking her arm and swaying, unable to hold her balance. The commander gazed at Clark and looked behind her. I followed her gaze and was shocked to find an angry queen approaching us. Oh shit this is not good...  I pulled Clark making her completely lost her balance then she laughed at herself. God, she's in trouble. She tried standing up but was too wobbly and lost her balance again but before she hits the ground a firm hand held her arm and helped her balance. I was too scared to look at the person's face holding clark in place cause I know it's the queen. Then the next thing I knew drop all the people's jaw witnessing this. The grounder queen carried the sky princess in bridal style..she then signalled her royal guards Indra and Gustus to escort us to our chambers. I was lift by Gustus and was too tired to even protest. The last thing I saw was the commander's back still holding Allison in her arms before darkness envelopes me.

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