Chapter 3

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Skylar (Sky Kingdom)

I run as fast as I could with my heels clicking the pavement, the guards and the servants looked at me with worried faces but still bowed to show respect. My hand maidens are behind me trying to catch up with my long strides. My heart is pounding and I can feel it in my veins that I would lose my mind any seconds now. How could she do this without even talking to me?! If she wants to die that badly I could have kill her myself! As I pass the long hall I did not wait for the servant to announce my presence nor wait for the guard to open the large door of the throne room for me instead I blast it with force that I could feel the hinges break and the once flawless colored pearl white door got big burned marks around the center. The nobles looked at me with shock faces and my mother who sat calmly in her magnificent throne look at me. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!? WHY DID YOU GO TO THE GROUNDERS TERRITORY BY YOURSELF?!? DO YOU WANT TO DIE THAT BADLY?!?" My voice boomed the four corners of the throne room, the nobles maintained their head down and none of them with the right mind should interrupt me when I am this mad for I could burn them alive without hesitations. I look at my mother who maintained her blank face while looking at me straight on the eye then said "Princesses do not shout rudely to their queen especially their mother. Yes I did go meet the grounder king and come in terms with the proposal in convincing his people on helping us....Clark honey, we don't have a choice whether we like it or not we need their help as well as they need ours..." I look at my mother, she is indeed breathtakingly beautiful not only by heart but also in her physical appearance, she would do anything for our people same as I am willing to risk my life in keeping my people safe. "Then let me come with you. Raven, Octavia, Allison and me are the leaders in handling this case it would be best for us to be there to support you and explain to the grounders the evidence we found and -" "No! You stay here with our people. You are the future heir to the throne I could not let you risk your life there." My mom cut me off. But I already decided in going and nothing could stop me. "The grounders do not trust us, let us show them that we trust them by appearing together mother. Surely they will not doubt us for the current queen and the future ruler stand before them practically begging for their assistance." Convincing my mom is hard believe me I know for I got my stubbornness to her. My mom smiled slowly and said "spoken like a true queen... very well then but your friends should ask their parents permission before going with this risky mission" I look at Allison's dad, Raven's mother and Octavia's brother then asked "Well? Can they? After all we are a team and this is their duties as future leaders as well" Then Octavia's brother answered "Fine. You can already take care of yourselves after all." Then Allison's father followed the approval then lastly Raven's mother "well I supposed I don't have anything to worry about, the princess and the queen are there so yes I approved princess" then she smiled. "Great! Thank you lords and ladies. If you excuse me I have to set up my team." I bowed to them as they bowed as well then leave the room. I hurriedly look for my team to tell them the news. Honestly, I am excited to finally meet grounders in flesh and step foot in their sacred ground. Some of my people hated them when they don't even met one and besides we started the war and the bad blood between 2 races. As the guards opened my door for me I was greeted with smiling Allison. Well actually Lady Allison my second in command, their family is next in line on the throne if my blood line will be whipped out. They earned the title anyway, their blood line are also strong and dangerous, they could create force fields and levitate things. My girl Allison is the most talented of them all, she could control her powers perfectly, she could bend water, air and even fire using her force fields. She is considered a goddess here in our kingdom with her perfect body, flawless skin, golden curly hair that reached her small waist and icy blue eyes that is almost silver, men will fight just to get her attention. But no one ever passed through her boundaries, she played them in her perfect long fingers like puppets. Well that's why we're close friends. "Sooooo.. I heard we're going down and meet some grounders" she said with a smirk while sitting comfortably on my sofa. "You heard it right sister, we need to convince those grounders to help us solve the missing persons issue so I expect you guys to be on your best behavior for we're doing this for our people and obviously you don't like the taste of just saying "grounders" from your tongue" then I giggled. "Awweee.. you know me that much already, but dearie the person you should be worried about is our little bird Raven. You know how crazy that shape shifter wild animal" then Ally and I laughed. Well it's true the most craziest friend we have is Raven but she's also the smartest one. "Anyway, I'm here just to confirm the news, I'll leave you to prepare princess and don't worry I'll be in my best behavior alright and also in my best provocative outfit that will make grounders see sunshine..." we laughed and she kissed me on the cheeks before leaving. I sighed heavily and called my hand maidens to prepare my things, I asked one of them to send Raven and Octavia in my chambers to share the news. I decided to take a bath while waiting for my 2 friends, I submerged myself to the water while playing with rose petals and bubbles. Even though this mission is exciting but still the most dangerous and important one we handled in years. Me and my team lead our soldiers to maintain peace in our kingdom in this way we can assist my mother and her royal court. I know we are still too young to handle these responsibilities but based on the world we're living now we can't help it but face our reality. I was disturbed with my thoughts when a brunette bended the metals of my tub then two voices laughed at my reaction which earned them my signature glare. Octavia who leaned on the door with crossed arms said " You summoned us princess?" Then smirk. Lady Octavia  is my 3rd in command. They are known as "metal benders", they are also one of the powerful families in this kingdom. She has a straight long brunette hair, white skin and brown eyes. She is the serious one of the group and act as our mother mostly. She is also hot, well all of my friends are. Then there is our little birdie Raven laughing her ass out. She is the craziest person I ever met, she is my 4th in command. Her family are known to be "Shapeshifters" they can change from animal to human person, they could basically copy anyone with no sweat. She has a long straight brown hair, fair skin and hazel eyes that is almost gold which we always compared to a hawk's eyes. That's why we called her our little birdie. "Nice entrance guys" I told them as I step out from the deformed tub. My hand maidens covered my naked body immediately then I send them away so that I could talk to my friends privately. "So anyway I called you because we have a new important mission that failure is unacceptable" I started. Then Raven immediately straighten her back and look at me with her serious eyes. I sat on the chair of my dresser and face the mirror. I look at them on the mirror and continued "We are going to the grounders territory tomorrow before sundown.."I saw their shock expressions on the mirror " we will convince them on helping us solve the missing person issue. My mother the queen suggested that it would be best to unite both races in order to save our people as well as their people. We should present enough evidence that the creature or thing that we're up against is dangerous even for their people. So I expect all of you to do your best"
Octavia was the first one to recover " so we will stay in their territory without assurance of them not killing us?" I look at her and said "Yes, it is really a suicide mission but this is the only way for them to agree on helping us" then raven said "Alright then bring all the grounders!!!" Then I smiled. "Well then what are you waiting for go pack your things and prepare your best outfits" I laughed then octavia answered "you do realize that we are walking in our own graves right?" I answered "that's why I told you to wear your best outfits" then smirked at her which earned me a 360 roll on her eyes. Both of them left my chambers with annoyed Octavia and excited Raven. I look at myself in the mirror and silently prayed for the safety of my people.

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