Chapter 10

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After the encounter in the throne room we were escorted to our rooms where they guarded heavily. I paced back and forth. The princess is dead and I am the next incharge to rule my people if there are still survivors besides us.I have to look after Octavia and Raven for they are the only people and most especially family I have. I have to find a new territory to keep my people safe but the safest place I could think of is the grounders territory. I have to ask an alliance even if it means living ordinarily as one of the grounders. I can feel my head pounding and I felt dizzy thinking all the responsibilities I need to tend. I let out a heavy sigh. What am I thinking I'm not like Clark, I can't do this, I just can't...I hugged myself and cried silently. I felt arms enclosing my shivering body. It felt warm and safe then I just broke out and clung to that person giving me comfort. I did not even look up to see the person's face I just didn't care. I just cried until my eyes swell and my lungs and throat burns in pain. It will never surpassed the pain that I felt in my heart... the people, family, friend and a great ruler we lost in just one night. I mourned for them and I mourned for me.

A gentle voice pulled me out of my thoughts "shhh it's okay... it's okay.." the person said while gently rocking me back and forth. I slowly look up to see the face of my savior and I froze. Even if my eyesight was blurred by my tears I can still recognize that dark pools looking straight at my icy blue eyes slowly melting it with her gaze and that perfectly sculpted face. I immediately pulled myself out of her embrace which cause myself to hit my back on the wall with my sudden movements. Concerned eyes met mine and she reached her hand for me holding me firmly but at the same time gently and I was too stunned to react as she pulled me back closer to her "are you okay?." I just look at her and she said again "lady allison? Are you hurt?" Inspecting me. Then I said "I'm okay commander... I'm so sorry acting that way in front of you..." and bowed my head. I felt her gaze then she gently let go of my arm. "The queen ask for your presence in the war room" she said then turned and walk out of the door. I let out my breath which I didn't know I was holding. God.. that woman could kill me with her looks. What the hell's wrong with me. This is the first time I felt this way like a kid having her first crush. I gotta pull myself together this is not a perfect time to have crushes. I look at myself on the full length mirror beside the window. And cringed as I saw my reflection. Damn I look shit. I got bags under my eyes, my nose and cheeks are red from crying and my hair is all over the place. I immediately braided my hair and straightened my already torn and worn out gown then head my way to the war room ofcourse with my escort guards.

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