Chapter 23

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I was so pissed off. I gripped the arms of my throne tightly trying to control my emotions rushing. Clark and her friends were dancing like no ones around, swaying their perfect body to the rhythm. I can't help noticed the lustful stares my people gave them especially the men. I look at Emily and saw evident irritation to the sight before her when a higher rank grounder made its way to Allison and touched her body inappropriately. That's when she lost it. She immediately stood up and approached the man with range. I signalled Gustus and Indra to assist Emily. I noticed that the commander was no match for 4 drunk hot girls, they seemed to refuse to retire for the night. Clark can't even stand properly then that's when my emotions took over me and in one swift motion I was already clutching Clark's arm preventing her from falling completely on the ground. I carried her and ignored their whinning. I didn't even care what my people think all I want right now is to lock this beautiful lady away from prying eyes.

When I arrived at Clark's chambers, the guard opened the door for me and I settled her gently on the bed while she's still giggling. When I pulled away she pulled me back and I landed on top of her. As I tried to lift myself up I was stunned to the beauty beneath me. Her almost silver blonde hair scattered on the bed, her deep blue eyes reflected the moon light, her cheeks flushed due to all the alcohol she drank and her skin glowed in the dark, it was indeed breathtaking. I felt her hand reaching to my face. I leaned on to her soft warm touch then she said "so lovely..." almost half whispered. I felt my cheeks starting to warm up. She trailed her fingers from my cheeks to the sides of my eyes, softly touching them. "So.. green.."she continued. I could hear my heart pounding on my chest. I froze in my position. She was scanning my face with her beautiful blue eyes then she slowly leaned towards me and I was too shock to move. The next thing I felt was her warm soft lips touching mine. It was a soft peck then she moved away looking at me while smiling. "Yummyyyy..." she said. Then she kissed me hard that I can't help but to respond with same intensity. All those intense stares to each other was poured to this kiss. I pushed her back without breaking the kiss, she trailed her hands from my back going up to my shoulders slowly removing the straps of my gown then I suddenly jolt back. I stopped her hands and look directly at her eyes. I gasp for I could see lust and other emotions passing to her eyes. She was confused as I removed myself on top of her. She didn't moved from her place as I sat down at end of the bed, afraid to look at her, cause I might loose the last control I have. "What's wrong?" She said. And I felt her moved closer to me. "I can't do it Clark.. I can't take advantage of you tonight just because your drunk." I said while looking down at my lap. "I should leave.." I told her then was about to stand when I felt soft hands enclosing me in embrace. "Your not taking advantage of me.." she said. I flinch when I felt small kisses on my neck. She turned me around facing her. And she smiled. "Lexa..." I was shocked for this is the first time she addressed me by my name. My name sounds like a sin coming out of her mouth so soft and seductive. I can't take my eyes off her face, scanning every details of it then my gaze went down on her soft pink lips... I already missed the feeling of it touching mine. "Can you atleast stay her for tonight?" She said while looking at me intently. "Please..." Then I nod and she instantly smiled. I crawled back beside her then laid down and she immediately put her head on my shoulders while hugging me with her left arm. I sighed and just listened to the beat of our hearts. Hoping she will not regret this in the morning when all the alcohol from her body will be gone.

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