Chapter 18

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I was sitting on my throne waiting for Emily to arrive with the sky princess. The councils are also present in order for them to deliver news from this meeting to our people in distant clans and also to partly take part of the decision needed. The councils were busy talking to one another when the doors opened. Emily was the first one to enter then an almost silver like haired girl with stunning deep blue eyes followed inside. The council quiet down and was struck to her beauty. She was even wearing a grounders gown. It is a red strapless long gown beaded around her hips. It hugged her curve perfectly. Her hair was just brushed up in place but she still manage to look breathtakingly beautiful. Everything about her screamed power and royalty. She stood at the center and bowed. Emily took her place and the meeting begins. "Rise sky princess. Now you said you pledge your loyalty along with your people to me and my kingdom.. am I correct?" I asked. "Yes your highness.." she answered looking directly to my eyes. "Then you know what that means right? You will be stripped down from your rank and live as an ordinary citizen here in my kingdom." I said and stared closely to her reaction but she remained calm and said "yes I perfectly understand. I don't need my title. It's useless now that I don't have a kingdom and a people to rule over." "Very well.." I said. "The councils and I decided that you and the other ladies will be assigned to different tasks that maybe suitable for you to contribute to the kingdom's wellness. You all can stay here in the castle until you decide to live on your own." I continued. "Then that would be an honor your majesty .. thank you." She said while bowing. "We still have one matter to discuss. The blood contract.." I said then she tilt her chin and look at me "In order to restore the barrier we need your blood and mine." "I will not hesitate to take part of it in order to keep us safe." She answered immediately. And I was proud on how brave this sky princess was. "Then we will perform the blood contract tomorrow at dawn." The councils nod in agreement "This meeting is dismissed. Anymore questions?" I look around waiting for someone to  raise their hands but it seems everyone is satisfied with it. Then I rose from my throne and everyone stood up at the same time and bowed. As I walk pass the sky princess I slightly glance at her and continued my way out.


Lexa dismissed the councils and left. Only me and the sky princess remained in the throne room. I heard a heavy sigh and look at her. A tear fell from her eye but she was quick to wipe it off. "Commander could you lead me to your garden? I really need some fresh air.." she said with a slight smile. "Come this way" I said. We walk pass the wide hall. We were spotted by some servants, some of them gave me a curious look but immediately divert their gaze when they noticed my serious expression. Guards are eyeing the princess like a piece of meat well who wouldn't these sky ladies are like goddesses walking in the ground blessing it with their presence. As I opened the double door leading to the garden a soft gasp escape from the princess lips. "Wow this is breathtaking... " she said while walking along the path and looking at every flowers and trees she came to pass. She stopped just in front of a large tree with a swing hanging from its branch and sat on it. She took a deep breath and look up the sky. "Thank you for bringing me here commander.." she said still looking up the sky. "It is my pleasure your... I mean clark. " I said immediately which earned me a soft giggle from the princess. I can feel someone looking at us. And I searched and scanned the area and found lexa looking down at us from her balcony with hardened jaw and fiery eyes. I smirked at her and she immediately look away and went back inside her chambers. "I'm afraid I must leave you here Clark.. would you be alright here?" I asked. "Yes ofcourse.. ofcourse don't worry about it and thank you again commander." She said. Then I nod and walk away.

I immediately went to lexa's chamber and knock. I opened the door and found her sitting and going over to some papers. I walk in and sat on the chair. She glance at me and said "What?!" I smirked and said "why so irritable your highness?" I said teasingly. "I'm not." She said with blank expression. "Oh common lexa I saw you looking at us with jealous face." I said and laugh. "Shut up." Lexa said. I walk to her balcony and look down. "Well look how beautiful these creatures are.." I said with admiration. I found the sky princess swinging, lady Raven was lying on the grass with lady Octavia. Then lady Allison is sitting and picking some flowers in the flower bead. It seems the princess was joined immediately by the other ladies. They look so peaceful and beautiful seeing together. Enjoying nature. I felt Lexa's presence beside me and also looking at the breathtaking view. "Indeed they are.." she said. I can't take my eyes off Lady Allison looking so beautiful with a flower on her right ear. The guards and servant pass by seems to stop and look at them. Then a group of high rank ground ladies came to view and one of them is Costia.

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