Chapter 37

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1 year later
The Capital


I was dodging the bullets and immediately bended metals targeting the red dots at perfect shot. I was sweaty and been doing this for about 30 minutes now but still I'm not satisfied with my performance. I crushed the metal barrier pulled it and threw it on my target when my phone rang. I put on my earpiece before pressing the red button to activate safe zone. "Octavia speaking.." as i answered the phone. "Octavia its Raven the moon festival is coming we could finally see each other!!!!!" then she squealed. I immediately removed my earpiece due to the static she created. Same old birdie hyper as always. "heyyyy!! Could you keep it down you're breaking my eardrums!!!" i said. "awwweee don't you miss me Octieeee????" she said with whining tone. I laughed and said "ofcourse i miss you!!! I miss you guys so much. It sucks that we are separated for a year now but you know what the princess said" imitating the voice of clark stressing out " we are already lucky enough for the grounders accepted us as their own, we are not allowed to complain this is.. " then Raven and I said in unison" a way of paying their kindness. " i chuckled and Raven spoke" yahhh yahhh i know how could i forget that" then she sighed. "i just wish we could see each other more often you know.." she said. "Don't worry we will see each this coming moon festival the capital will open their gates for every clan. Though I'm a bit busy during that time but i promise i will find a way to meet you guys after i settled things down you know how hard it is to work with a scary and moody commander. " i said and she chuckled" you got that right that super hot commander needs to get laid I'm telling you!" and then i laughed."heyyy someone might hear you!!!" i warned her while laughing. "oh don't worry the grounder scientist are out for lunch, im just the only one here in this big nice luxurious laboratory" she said with excitement in her voice. "you do love your job."i commented then smiled for atleast even when separated from each other we still got the opportunity to choose and do what we love."damn right! But i wish you guys were here.." she said with sadness in her voice. "yeah me too.. I have not spoken to those two in days, how are they anyway.." i asked Raven. "oh i know you've been busy being the apprentice of Indra and protecting royals we perfectly understand your perfect job." she said with a joking tone. Then i smiled how i miss this little birdie. "They are fine actually Allison is in the ice nation helping them regulating their weather she is now under the command of the ice nation council and our princess finally found someone special her name is Eco though i still have not spoken to this Eco person but hearing Clark mumbling how kind and gorgeous she is I'm sure she's a good person. She became a healer by the way in the water nation. " Raven said updating me with the events that i missed." wow how time flies..."i commented." i know right.. Anyway I'm going to work in a while just update me okay on what time you could come. We badly need this reunion." she said." ofcourse I'll be there."i said." you should be! See you Octiee! " she said." Bye birdie" then i hang up. I sighed and pick up my towel. We do lived in different lives now and its amazing how the princess finally have someone to lean on to... I thought but why does it feel so wrong? Weird.. I just shake all my doubts then went inside the bath to take a shower.

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