Chapter 15

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Lady Allison

I woke up from my slumber and immediately look for the sky princess body. I was relieved when I saw her at the same spot we put her. I walk towards her and sit beside her. I leaned my head on her shoulders and a tear fell from my eyes. I sniff and the tears continued to pour. I hugged her stone cold body and cried my heart out. I felt arms encircling both the princess and me and saw Octavia crying as well then Raven joined our sobs. Our beautiful princess is now long gone, she really used up all her powers turning her into stone. She is not only our ruler but also our sister whom we devoted our lives and loyalty. This day is the day where we perform the blood contract with the grounder queen and this is also the last day we can touch and see her body. The princess body will be burned and her ashes will be use in the blood contract by merging her ashes and the grounders queen's blood to make the barrier who could save as all. Reapers are still out there and the blockade Octavia created is not powerful enough to hold for years. We heard the guards knocking at our door and opening it. "It is time .." he said. "The queen request the body to be brought at the field where you will perform the blood contract" he continued. I glance at him and nod. "Let's go Octavia... Raven.. its time to face reality..we have only each other now and I know being the bravest princess she ever was she would not want us to sit here and mourn for her." I said. Giving them both hope to continue life. The guards carried our princess body. Raven almost stop them luckily I was able to hug her in place and whispered encouraging words. She sobbed and hugged me back. "Shhh..its okay.. we will be okay..." I said. Octavia hugged us both. And we continued to cry and mourn. We heard drums and  cheers outside the castle. It seems the ceremony is starting. We composed ourselves and look at each other. I extended my hand and they both held it "we will be okay.. we still have each other remember that." I said while glancing at both of them and gave them a smile which they returned. "Let's go.." I said and they both nod. I levitated and fly out the window raven jump and shifted into a hawk then Octavia jump at her back. We fly towards the field and saw the queen at the center standing with her glorious crown and black colored fitted gown. Everything about her screamed power. Her dragon was just sitting beside her. The commander is behind her wearing her armor and royal seal magnificently. They are both look stunning and breath taking. We saw the body of our princess carried towards their direction and was position in front of the queen. The councils are present and encircled the queen and the commander. Soldiers and ordinary grounders are also present, it seems everyone want to witness the burning of our princess. I felt the gaze of the commander and I returned her gaze then she nod. I responded by bowing my head. We landed smoothly just behind the councils. A bald man named titus made a mocking smile towards us and we just ignored it and look straight to the location of the queen and our princess. The queen raised her hand which made the crowd silent then her strong firm voice echoed the field "GROUNDERS WE ARE GATHERED HER TODAY TO WITNESS THE BLOOD CONTRACT AND THE RESTORATION OF THE BARRIER! YOU ARE ALL AWARE OF WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SKYLAR CITY. JOINING US TODAY ARE SOME OF THE SURVIVORS. I HOPE THAT YOU WILL TREAT THEM AS ONE OF US NOW THAT THEIR RACE WAS WIPED OUT BY THE REAPERS. THE WAR BETWEEN TWO RACES IS NOW LONG GONE. THE SKY PRINCESS.." she said while glancing at the princess body then continued "SACRIFICED HERSELF TO PROTECT NOT ONLY HER PEOPLE BUT ALSO OURS BY MAKING AN EXPLOSION AND BURNING HER OWN TERRITORY TO KILL AND STOP REAPERS FROM PROGRESSING TOWARDS OUR PORTAL. WE CANNOT LIE TO YOU AND I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH THAT REAPERS STILL EXISTS THAT'S WHY WE NEED TO RESTORE THE BARRIER FOR THE BLOCKADE LADY OCTAVIA PUT UP WILL NOT LAST LONG. BY THIS BLOOD CONTRACT USING MY BLOOD THE PUREST ROYAL BLOOD AND THE ASHES OF THE SKY PRINCESS WILL MERGE TO CREATE THE BARRIER. THIS IS FOR YOU, MY PEOPLE, TO KEEP YOU SAFE." Then the crowd cheered for their queen. The queen glanced at us and I nod then she walk and climb to her dragon. The dragon flap its magnificent wings and soar high then stop in mid air then she commanded the dragon and a big, blue flame came out of its mouth hitting our princess body. The flame was too strong that made us cover our eyes and moved back. Smoke surrounded the field. The queen and her dragon landed smoothly on the ground. I immediately run towards the position of sky princess, the flame created a deep hole in the ground and despite the heavy smoke I tried to push through and look for her remains. The queen's dragon flap its large wings which cleared the smoke. Octavia and Raven run towards me and came to a stop. We all looked down and shocked for what we saw. We did not find ashes of the sky princess like we all expected but instead we saw the living flesh of the sky princess herself lying unconsciously on the ground without clothing and in fetal position. I immediately jumped down which Raven and Octavia immediately followed. I tried to touch her but withdraw my hand immediately when I felt how burning hot she was. I can hear her breathing. I look up at the queen which was also shock and was stuck in place. In fact the commander, the council and the rest of the grounders are now looking down with confused and shock expressions. "SHE'S ALIVE!!" I shouted and look at Octavia and Raven who is now crying for joy. I kneeled down beside her but still can't touch her. The queen jumped at my side and extended her arms. I stopped her and said "Your majesty you might burn yourself. She's boiling hot." But she still continued and touched her arms without flinching. We all look at her with shocked faces. Then she unbuckled her cape and covered it to the exposed body of our princess. The cape didn't even burn. Then she carried her bridal style and jumped up the ground. "I'll take her to the infirmary" the queen said. I quickly levitated and said "We're coming with you." Then Raven shifted with Octavia running trying to catch up the queen's long and fast strides. The grounders seemed shock to their queen's actions. She showed affection to a person for the first time and not just any person but the princess of the sky. I heard the commander dismissed the crowd. But the people was too shock for what they've witnessed and was hesitant to move. But the second time she repeat her command they quickly move and went back to work.

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