Chapter 20

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I was so angry at Costia, I don't even know she was capable of doing that and I was  completely wrong about her. How? How could a sweet girl turned out to be that cruel. I glance at the sky princess who is still looking down at her arm. I move closer to take a look at it but she immediately move it away. I look at her eyes and said "Clark let me look at it." " its okay." She said but not meeting my eyes. "Let me see." I insisted with firm voice. "I said I'm fine." She said now meeting my gaze. I continued staring at her eyes intently, trying to read her.. she break the eye-contact and look down. "Clark." I called to her with a warning tone. She sighed and showed her arm. My eyebrows crunch together and anger boiled within me as I gaze upon her bruised arm. There is evident finger prints around it. Raven and Octavia gasp as they saw Clark injured. Allison immediately went beside her "WHAT THE HELL!!??!!" She said with angry tone while inspecting the bruised arm. I reach her arm but she flinch at the contact. Which made me angrier. It is worst than I thought base on her reaction to a simple touch. "I'll take you to the infirmary." I called Heda and he landed on the ground smoothly. I pulled her other hand and walk towards heda. "Wha-what? No it's really okay your highness.." she protested. "Commander take charge for me here while I'm at the infirmary." I said to Emily while ignoring Clark. I saw Emily smirked and answered "yes your majesty." I ignored her teasing and grab Clark's hips. "Wai-wait..." She said. Not giving her time to protest, I hop on Heda's back with Clark on my arms as he lowered his head for me. I gently positioned her infront of me so that I can cage her in my arms while holding on Heda's scales. I commanded heda to fly towards the infirmary. I can feel Clark's tensed body and her rugged breathing. She held on tight to me and pushed herself more towards my body as we soar high. My lips are now slightly touching her head. I didn't thought riding Heda with sky princess could be this intimate. I can feel my heated cheeks but immediately diverted my attention as I look upon the beauty before me. It almost caught my breath away. I can feel her now relax while looking at the scenery around with admiration. Her eyes reflected the skies and it is full of life. How can this person be so damn angelic. Her almost silver blonde hair is freely moving with the wind. Her white skin seems to shine in the light. She turned to me and caught me staring I immediately diverted my gaze but I didn't miss the smile plastered to her pretty pink lips.

The guards from the infirmary saw Heda and they immediately make way for the queen to land. I jump off heda first then told Clark to jump at me so that I could catch her. But she smiled and levitated landing on the ground smoothly. I blushed as I remembered that she could fucking fly!. I almost smack my head to my stupidity. I was too preoccupied with her injury not thinking straight. I can feel her eyes on me but I just ignored it and walk towards the infirmary wearing my stoic look. Nyoko immediately greeted us inside with wide teasing smile. I rolled my eyes and lead Clark to my private room. I sat on the chair beside the bed while Clark is sitting on the end of the bed. Nyoko entered as well and asked "What seems to be the problem?" Clark is about to answer but I cut her off and said "I want you to look at her right arm. She seems in pain." "I am not." Clark stubbornly answered but I ignored it. "May I your highness?" Nyoko said while gesturing his hand towards Clark's injured arm. Clark sighed but still gave in and showed it to Nyoko. Nyoko scrunched his eyebrows and examined the bruise. He touched it lightly which made Clark gasp in pain. "Oh my.." he said. "What?!" I asked with irritation in my voice for not elaborating his sentence. "It seems the bones inside crack base on the swell. Let me arrange some tests. I'll be back." He said with serious tone then bowed before he left the room. I look at Clark intently and said "You said it's okay?" I said with firmness in my voice and the anger for her not telling me the truth is evident. She didn't meet my gaze and just stared on the floor and said "I didn't want to burden you..." "What?!" I said. "Burden me? Clark you made me worry. Your friends are also worried about you." Then she finally met my gaze and said "I don't want to cause some trouble between you and your lover. Okay?" We stared at each other. Different emotions passing through that deep blues of hers. "Why do you even care anyway. I'm just your enemy before and one of your people now." She continued. Then that made me stopped and recalled how I am supposed to act around my subjects and that is not showing any emotions. I stood up and gave her an emotionless stare "You're right. I shouldn't even care." Then walked out of the door pissed off.


She left.. I heavily sighed. I immediately regretted the things I said to her. Damn it! I'm so stupid, I made my emotions get ahead of me. Then the door opened hoping for the green eyed queen to appear but I was disappointed when Nyoko appeared to the door instead. He turned his gaze to the empty chair where the queen sat then to me. "Where did the queen go?" He asked. Then I just strugged my shoulders and look down on the floor. I heard nyoko sighed then walk towards me. "Sky princess may I speak?" He asked while looking down at me. I lift my head and met his gaze then nod. He took a deep breath then said "Our Queen may look heartless but she has a big heart hiding from those walls she built after the death of her mother." He took my injured arm gently and put it on a machine that I didn't recognize. Then a blue light appeared and moved up and down. "Please be patient with her... I know I don't have the right to ask this from you but you see when you arrived I can finally see the girl who I once knew before this crazy evil world took her light." He continued. The machine beep and produced a paper. He look at it, assessing the picture while squinting his eyes. "Please show her what really life is.." he said while smiling sadly. I was just speechless. I don't know what to say. "Well.. anyway your arm cracked" he said while showing me a picture of my bone. And I was shocked and amazed that they produced this kind of machine here in their land. They are really advanced compared to mine. He put some kind of hard plate under my injured arm and covered it with bandage. "Who did this to you? I saw finger markings when I was assessing it." He said while busy rolling the bandages. "Some grounder lady. God! You guys really are strong." I said then chuckled. Then Nyoko stopped and look at me with shocked eyes. "Is this grounder lady named Costia?" He asked then I just nod. "Wow! I never thought she would break down haha. Glad she finally unleashed her true self. Did the queen witnessed it?" Then I nod again confused of his reaction. "Finally!! I never liked that girl." He said while laughing. Then he stopped when he saw my confused expression "oh.. sorry princess I just can't contain myself. Though I'm not happy of what she has done to you. I hope I didn't offend you." "No..not at all" I said then smiled. "Okay then it's done. Please refrain from doing strenuous activity and carrying heavy objects. I'll check it every now and then okay? So don't get tired of my face." He said while smiling then I returned his smile and stood up. We walk together out of the room. He volunteered to guide me to the exit door of the infirmary. We passed by a lot of doors. I saw nurses, doctors and patients glancing at me whenever I passed. Then I saw a cute pink door with lots of kids inside the room. I stopped and look at them. Nyoko also stopped walking when he noticed that I'm not following behind him. He smiled when he followed my stare. I look at him and said "What happened to them?" "They are kids who is too weak to be called a grounder. Their parents left them here after they were born." He said. My heart aches for them "That's cruel.." I said half whispered. Who wouldn't want their child?! Just because their weak?! That's not an excuse to abandon them. " is.. that's why our queen funded them and gave them a place to stay." Nyoko said. "Come now princess you need to get ready for tomorrow's event." I just nod and continued walking but still thinking about those angels.

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