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I was greeted by my people as i walked back to the party. I saw Costia talking to her father. I heavily sighed and put on my emotionless face. When they saw me Costia immediately smiled and her father bowed. I sat down on my throne then drowned myself with wine. "What's seems to be the problem your highness?" costia said while leaning and softly touching my arm. I moved away from her touch for her nearness makes me uncomfortable. Then i answered  "none at all." and looked away. I saw her flinch from my coldness towards her maybe because this was the first time i treated her as my subject and not my lover. For the short time those feelings for her were completely gone. I thought I was in love with her but I thought wrong til i gaze upon those set of ocean blue eyes once again. The happiness that I felt overwhelms me. She gave me a soul that i never thought i had. I was pulled out of my thoughts when the son of the ice nation council Roan asked for my presence. "you're highness my mother would like to speak to you in private.." he said in hush tone. I nod and turned to Costia and other councils then said "if you'll excuse me.." they immediately rose and bowed when i stood and leave the table. I followed Roan and saw Emily stood up and headed our way. "your highness do you need my assistance?" Emily said giving Roan a suspicious stare. Roan immediately bowed his head for respect for his commander. "no its okay commander you join the others and enjoy the party." I replied but Emily is not convinced to my answer and still standing in our way. Roan cleared his throat and said "You heard the Queen Commander" with sarcasm in his tone which made Emily raised her eyebrows and smirked then said while slowly walking towards Roan "Yes I heard perfectly clear but if you touch just one strand of the Queen's hair I'll cut your head put it on a stick with that smile on your face. You hear me?" I could see sweat forming on Roan's forehead for he knows the commander will keep her words. He immediately nod and said" This way your highness.. " i smirked at Emily and pat her shoulders then followed Roan.

We arrived at one of the guest house of the palace where the ice nation stayed if big events are held at the palace. Their warriors saw me and immediately bowed down to my presence. I entered the house and saw Naiyah "My queen so glad you responded to my request.." she said while bowing "please take a seat your highness". I sat down and said "let's cut to the chase Naiyah what is it that you want that you want to speak to me privately" then the ice queen smirked.

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