Chapter 41

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I felt numb, i see different blury lights  surrounding me, i could see the figure of Raven pulling me towards the crowd but i couldn't see her face clearly, i felt Allison's presence holding my other hand as we sway to the beat. We were all laughing and drinking. I saw Octavia walking towards us i  smiled and pulled her at the center. "ohh why so grumpy Octavia?" Raven asked while still dancing. I heard her sighed loudly "i think you guys had too much to drink already" she said. "but this is a party shouldn't it be just fun" i said while giggling. "i don't think the queen and the commander would be pleased to see you sky ladies like this" the voice of Indra startled us. I saw Alli put around her arm to Indra's hips making the black woman flinch "Glad you could join us Indra" Alli said while wearing her seductive smile. I giggled at the scene and Raven laugh at Indra's startled face. Octavia was obviously pissed off and said "that's it time to go home you guys.. And Alli don't disrespect the second in command you'll get punish for your reckless actions" i rolled my eyes and hugged her "oh common just dance with us" as i pulled her to the beat. "i said..that's enough already!" Octavia said with a hint of anger in her voice. "common Octavia you used to be fun like us.." Ali said while drinking and dancing. Octavia grabbed the bottle from Ali's hand as well as our bottles. The grounder warriors appeared at our sides. Then we heard a screeching roaring sound making the arrival of the commander and the queen known.


Fuck it i thought as i dispose my friends drinks. These girls really knew how to turn the world upside-down. Indra's gonna kill me, I'm sure of it. The queen and the commander already arrived and i failed to control this whole situation.  Indra commanded to pull my friends away from the party and maybe let them rest inside the castle. I looked for echo and saw her passed out at the table i grunted and moved towards her. I nudge her but she was totally knocked out. I saw the queen and the commander looking at the warriors carrying Raven, Clark and Ali and ofcourse they won't just get dragged without a fight. I moved towards them and bowed to show respect "im sorry for causing too much trouble your highness it was not Indra's fault. My friends just got carried away forgetting that they don't have enough tolerance to drink grounders drink." i said holding my breath. "it's alright Octavia its not your fault.. You sky ladies always end up like this in every party" the commander said. I heard my friends whinning and saw them struggling to get away from the warriors. I sighed "they didn't change not one bit..." the queen commented with disapproval written in her face. "i agree still fiesty as ever" the commander said. My shoulders dropped and sighed heavily "I'm really sorry.." i apologized again. "where's the sky princess lover?" the queen asked suddenly. I turned towards the direction of Echo still slumped at the table. "dead" i commented. Then they followed my gaze looking at the almost lifeless body. "she's weak." the queen said with so much distaste in her voice. I saw the commander walked towards Echo grab a bottle then poured it to the drunken girl. My eyes grew wide as i witness the mighty commander pouring the bottle of beer at the doctors Head. I saw the queen smirked and i don't know if the lights just created that illusion then i shake my head. Echo was startled and immediately stood up. Her face showed anger while whipping herself and was about to yell when she realized the person standing in front of her. "commander.." she said with acknowledgement. "you should retire now doctor we will take the sky princess and the rest of the sky ladies under our aid." the commander informed Echo. She look at the vicinity and saw Clark pulling out from the warrior's grip but obviously drunk to stand properly. I saw Nyoko at my friends side trying to calm them down but it was obviously no use cause they end up making fun of him which he patiently accepted. "i should take care of Clark.." Echo said and was about to move towards Clark the commander stopped her by raising her hand. "i think you're not capable of doing that knowing that you are also drunk. You'll meet her tomorrow" the commander said before walking away. "but she's my girlfriend, i am the most rightful person to take care of her." Echo said with firmness in her voice. The commander was about to respond but was stopped when a commanding voice interjected their conversation "before she became your girlfriend as you speak she was the princess and ruler of the sky kingdom, therefore she's protected under me. Do not forget that doctor." the  queen said with venom in her voice without waiting for her response. The queen signalled the warriors before walking away. The commander followed her immediately. Echo lowered her head then helplessly look at Clark while she was taken away." look Echo I'm sorry about this but the commander and the queen was right.. I'll inform Clark tomorrow and do not worry I'll take care of them okay.. Go home and rest." i said before heading towards the castle. I recalled how the Queen and the commander look at my friends with worry and was concerned enough to let them stay inside the castle but how they reacted to Echo is a bit far off i think they dislike her for being weak i think maybe thats it. I was interrupted with my thoughts as i heard them  giggling, laughing and Raven shouting nonsense. This is gonna be a long night...

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