Chapter 11

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We are now gathered in the war room. Lexa was sitting on her thrown while twirling her dagger and seems in deep thought while the shifter named Raven is busy sketching the skylar city. Octavia was busy examining weapons presented by Indra and they seemed to get along well. I on the other hand can't stop thinking about the golden haired girl who stunned me with her beauty from the very first time I layed eyes on her.  The event flashed back through my mind when I saw her shivering body that made my heart bleed of the scene I encountered. She seemed so fragile and lost. I was about to inform her that she was been sent by the Queen and when I knocked on her door and announced myself I found her in that vulnerable state. I cannot help myself but to hug her and comfort her and damn how it felt right just to be close to her. But I was hurt when she withdraw from my embrace when she realized who I was. I could not help myself showing pain that I ended up walking away coldly. I was brought back from my thoughts when the door of the war room opened and revealed the girl that has been haunting me this past few days. Our eyes met and damn those pair of icy blues, I could get lost to it and break my walls in just one stare. Raven pulled her into the table where the sketched was laid out which causes us to withdraw from our intense gaze.

"Lady Allison thank you for joining us. Now since we are all here let's start this meeting." Lexa said with her commanding voice.

"Your highness.. if you agree we will be the first liner in the field for we know our territory more than your people do. In that way if threat may come before us we will have the first blood even if we live or die. Atleast we can avenge our people and our rulers." Lady Allison said with anger in her voice.

I glanced at her and felt lexa's eyes on me. I glanced at the queen and gave me a questioning look then look back at the 3 sky women before us. "Very well then you have my permission but the commander and I will be on the 2nd line, after all this is not your battle anymore it is also our battle. The main goal for this mission is to find and retrieve the body of the sky princess..." the queen said. She manage to keep her stone cold face and cold voice intact but I can see something unusual to her stoic face an emotion that I can't pin point what.

"Thank you your highness.." Lady Allison said while bowing her head to show some respect.

"Okay then, Indra you and your men will be located at the back to serve as an eye to our blind spot" I said to Indra which she answered immediately "yes commander." "We will be taking 300 warriors with us and the chosen weapons was decided by Lady Octavia and Indra. Care to tell us what you both come up?" I said looking at both of them.

"Yes commander." Lady Octavia said then continued."The Reapers are blind as we observed during our past battle but they are fast and they have heightened auditory senses. It is best if we bring weapons that doesn't create sound and also armors that is not too heavy."

"We've chosen to bring the silencer my queen and commander cause it is the only gun we have that didn't make a noise then also daggers, arrows and the other gadgets we use for assassination."  Indra said. I nod in agreement and look at the queen she seemed satisfied with the plan.

"We need to dress lighter so that we can move freely and move fast." Said Lady Octavia.

"We've come up with the latex suit. The sky people reported that we could get infected through their bite the latex can provide us protection. Our scientists come up with this suit that is different from ordinary latex suit. It is more stronger than the leather, even a bite of a bear cannot tear it apart." Indra said. Which made me and lexa smirked with their idea. It seems they are doing well working together.

"Now we need to know the last location of the princess." The queen said.

"She was located on the south wing of the kingdom completely opposite to the grounders portal..." Lady Allison blurted out which made us look at her intently. "That is also where the Reapers portal located..."

"We don't know if Reapers are still lurking around our territory.. all we know is that our princess did her best to erase them what she can, hell she burned the whole city to the ground." Lady Raven said with an amusing tone. She seemed proud of what her ruler did in order to save her people and as well as ours. "When I found Allison and Octavia I did not encounter even one of them. I could only see ashes, burned buildings and debris. Let's just hope no reapers survived on that fire."

"Raven is right let's hope for the better.." Lady Allison said.

"Then this meeting is dismissed. We will leave at dawn. Until then everyone retire to your chambers. We need sleep in order to fight." Said the Queen as she stood up from her throne. We bowed down and Indra and the sky women went out first. "Em I observed something with you and Lady Allison..-"

I look at the queen and cut her off immediately "There is nothing between us. I can't allow it you know that lexa.." I firmly said.

"Yes I do.. she is dangerous for you.." lexa said.

"Yes I know.. same with the sky princess for you" I said.

"What?!" Lexa said and a bit startled to my confrontation.

"Oh common Lex I know you as much as you know me. I can't help notice how you look at her when you first laid your eyes on her then when the news of her death you seemed too affected by it which is unusual for someone who practically saw that person once and most especially for someone like you who build a wall that is too hard to break." I said truthfully to the queen not afraid of the words that came out of my mouth after all she practically my sister for the years we are together.

"I love Costia and that is that. After all she's already dead." Lexa said with sadness in her eyes.

"You don't truely love Costia... your feelings for her is not as strong as when you gaze on that deep ocean eyes of the sky princess. Admit it lex. " I said while smiling.

Lexa contemplated for a moment and I could see lots of emotions flowing through her eyes. The she heavily sighed and said "She's gone now and I have Costia..just be careful okay?"

I look at her and said "I am careful. Love is weakness.."

"Indeed love is weakness.. and this is for our people." She said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Yes for our people..." I said. Then the queen tapped my right shoulder before walking towards the door. I was left in the room with lots of thoughts in my head and emotions that is too strong to control.

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