Chapter 30

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Chapter 30


"Are you sure about this ?" I said to Lexa as the hand maidens are busy fixing her black gown and her crown. She looked stunning everything about her screamed power. Except her eyes seemed dull and lack of life. She looked at me in the reflection of the mirror and nod. "Okay then..I should inform you that Octavia joined the warriors and I'm sure through her gifts she's suited for the job, the princess..." she stopped on what she's doing and looked at me. Well that caught her attention then I continued "I mean Clark decided to assist Nyoko in the infirmary she spends mostly with the grounder kids and Alison seemed interested in books but she didn't confirm yet what she wanted to do...Raven-" "Raven decided to help the technology department. Yes I know she informed me personally." Lexa said. "Yes..well that's it your highness.. I'll take my leave now, I still have to check the perimeter for your engagement party. Since the castle is now open to all the civilians we couldn't risk any danger for you and your queen." I said then bowed. I was about to turned to the door when Lexa said "protect her for me...I trust you Em.." I nod then bowed.


The dreadful night came and I was looking at myself in front of the mirror. I wore a gold beaded long gown with deep V neckline and back that is almost my second skin, I couldn't help feel comfortable cause the style of the gown and its color remind me of who I am back then. One slit starting from my thigh exposed my milky white legs. I wore a gladiator heels with it. The black eyeliner and the golden eyeshadow popped the color of my eyes making it more blue. I just let my wavy hair down and put on a golden flower at the side of my head. I heard the someone knocked and opened the door of my room, I saw Ali looking stunning as ever with her blue long gown with silver beads, it followed her curves perfectly and her golden curly hair was set making her face more perfect. Same with mine the eyeliner of her eyes made her icy blue more silver like. "You look breathtaking.." she said to me with a smile. "Thank you but not as perfect as you though" I said in return. She walked towards me and reached my hand. "Clark if you don't want to go you can just stay here.. we could make an excuse for you.." she said with sadness in her eyes. "No it's okay Ali I could do this, I have to face this.. and besides all people are attending it would not be wise to decline the invitation of the Queen." I said and gave her a slight smile. "Don't worry okay? I'll be okay..I'll just distract myself with the kids from where I work I'm sure Nyoko and Nahlah would be grateful if I contain those little crazies." I continued and giggled. "So you finally decided to work there huh. Good job princess.. I know you love kids that much." She said and giggled. "Cmon then let's join Octavia and Raven the ceremony is about to start.." she continued and I nod. We walked hand in hand in the hallway as we go nearer to the entrance of the garden we heard grounders laughing, chatting and the sound of utensils clicking. I stopped and took a deep breath and walked outside with grace and smile that I could manage. I felt Ali squeezing my hands and I look at her and smiled. Grounders glance at our way some are now very comfortable with our presence but some especially those people belonged to higher ranks still doesn't accept us. They made the Garden breathtaking and suited for a royal engagement celebration. Light are everywhere, the trees was also decorated with lights making it glow with different colors and the fountains are decorated with flowers. It is indeed a perfect night for them. I look ahead and saw the podium where the two thrones are positioned. Then below it is a long table where the councils are sitting. I also saw the commander talking to some elder. She looks beautiful in her black off shoulder gown making her more feminine than a scary commander but I coul still feel the power radiating through her. Her tribal tattoos are now visible. I saw her glance at our way I smiled at her and she nod then she look pass through me and I followed her gaze, it was Ali who is now busy talking to Octavia and Raven. I turned to the commander and saw something in her stares, I smirked when she noticed me looking at her and she look away immediately. Go Ali! Maybe you'll get your happy ending here. I turned to my friends and joined whatever they are talking.


The trumpets and drums echoed the surrounding as they announced the Queen and her future wife's arrival. We look at the double doors opened revealing the stunning Queen wearing her black gown and crown with grace and power. Costia was clinging to her like a leech and I just rolled my eyes. She wore a black gown with specs of gold on it, her hair is tied up surrounded with golden beads and even with her expensive look today she can't compete the beauty of our princess. The people bowed to them as they walked towards their throne. The man named Titus spoke "We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the upcoming union of our Queen and lady Costia! May they be blessed and also the kingdom...long live the queen!!" As he raised his glass and we too raised are glasses and shouted "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!" I glanced at Clark who stood behind the crowd, I walked towards her and encircled my arms on her thin waist. "Are you alright ?" I whispered while looking straight to the crowd where everyone celebrated and enjoyed the feast. "Yeah ofcourse.. why wouldn't I be.." she answered. I sighed "c'mon princess let's not waste your beautiful face today and join the fun! Show her what she will missed for choosing that leech." I said then laughed, the princess also laugh but half heartedly. "I mean c'mon look at that girl even if she's dressed with a beautiful gown she still looks ugly." I said which earned me a real laugh from the princess. "That's harsh Raven" she said while smiling. "Well its not harsh if its true" I answered. We both laughed and I took two drinks from the servant and gave one to the princess. "To our princess who's too damn hot to handle" I said imitating Titus. She laughed and drowned the drink. "Wow! You're that thirsty?!" I said. "Yup and I want more! Like you said Let's have some fun!" She answered and walked to the crowd with grace making the grounders stare in awe. I look at the queen and saw her staring also at the princess. Take that your highness!! I said to myself and quickly followed Clark.

Some of the grounders are now dancing to the beat of the drums even the kids are running around laughing and dancing. Allison, Octavia, Clark and I are sitting on our table just drinking our heart's out. Some grounders dared to asked us for a dance but we declined it. A grounder kid about 4 years old came running towards Clark and she seemed not surprised by it and took the kid to her lap. "Guys meet Zarina.. She's one of the patients in the infirmary that I took care of." Clark said. "Aweeee.. She's so cute" Ali said while touching the cheeks of the girl. The girl blushed by Ali's endearment. "Hi cutie" I said to the girl and she seemed shy that she hide on Clark's chest. "Ohhh she's shy, how adorable.." Octavia said. "CLAAAAARRKKKKKKKK!!!!" A bunch of kids from 3-6 years of age came running towards Clark and seemed too happy to see her. Now are table are surrounded with kids. "Wow there's more of them.." said Octavia who looked surprised. "Hi everybody.. this is my friends, Ali, Octavia and Raven." Clark introduced us to them and we waved and said Hi. But they just look at us with wide eyes and dropped jaws. I whispered to Ali and said "did we say something wrong?" "No.. no I don't think so.." Ali answered. Then suddenly one of them shouted "WOWWWW YOUR ALL PURRREETTYYY!!!!" And it seemed they all agreed by staring at us in awe. "Guys don't scare my friends.." Clark said and giggled. Some of them jumping up and down trying to get our attention and they all talked in unison making us confused to answer who's questions first. Then an angry voice made them stopped "There you are! I've been looking all over for you guys! You shouldn't  run off without permission! I told you to stay beside me!" A grounder woman said. She turned to us and was surprised "oh my.. I'm so sorry did these kids bothered you .. I know they are a bit crazy to handle but there just too excited to see you four, I'm really sorry.." "Nahlah it's okay.. its no problem..we love children" Clark said and making Nahlah smile. Clark turned to us and introduced her formally. "Nahlah here is a nurse in the infirmary, before she's the only who took care of these crazies.." "wow, your amazing.. how could you handle them all.." I said to her. And she just laugh and said "believe me they will drain you dry thank God they're adorable." And we all laugh. Nahlah took them cause she said it's already pass their bed time, some kids wanted to stay and be with Clark but just one angry stare of Nahlah they immediately complied. They waved good bye and followed Nahlah. "Cuties." Clark said while looking at them fading in the crowd. "Okay then let's continue the drinks!!" Octavia said and we all laughed at her. We talked and laughed, more grounders are now joining the dance floor celebrating and enjoying themselves. I saw Nyoko walking towards us with a big smile when he arrived at our table he asked Clark if he could have one dance with her. Clark seemed comfortable with him for she agreed to it. I look at the queen and saw her a bit tensed in her seat and seemed not listening to one of her council talking to her, she just stared and followed Nyoko and Clark's every movement as they joined the crowd. Hmm.. Let's test that control of yours your highness I said in my thought as an idea popped into my mind. I whispered to Alison and Octavia the plan and they agreed to it. We all walked towards the musicians and tried to convince them to let us play one song for the people, they seemed hesitant at first but we manage to persuade them by giving them roles. We will try to mash up their music to ours.

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